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“Tell me how I really look, not what you think I want to hear.” I can’t remember the movie, but the quip was uttered by a wealthy socialite in a luxury Parisian fashion boutique, being fawned over by a gaggle of salespeople willing to do or say anything to garner the lady’s favour, and win the lucrative sale. You may not think it, but choosing a private jet hire partner can be full of similar dangers: charter brokers trying to sell you a product that simply doesn’t match your expectations. But don’t be fooled by them.

For a high-net-worth individual in the market for a private jet hire solution, there is a danger that the broker may be somewhat overwhelmed by the client’s status or social standing. He or she may be tempted to say what they think the client wants to hear, and not what matches their needs. For them, closing the deal is the ultimate goal, nothing more.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When ‘shopping’ for a private jet charter company, reputation should be top of your shopping list. Brokers who can boast a long list of satisfied clients, who can visibly demonstrate their experience and their flexibility, and who have a vast network of airline partners are where your conversation should begin. Only then will you find the fit you need.

Why private jet hire should be like a visit to the hairdresser

Why high-worth individuals chose private jet hire

Avoiding crowded spaces – Private jet users tend to avoid busy airports, with long queues and crowded public spaces, like the plague. They value their space, their security, and their safety, especially at a time when a pandemic invisibly stalks the planet. They have, perhaps, lost faith and trust in commercial airlines after delays, cancellations, industrial action, and the uncertainty of border closures in the present crisis. And, most likely, as high-net-worth individuals, they like to play by their own rules.

Private jet rental firms remove the risk of mixing with hordes of strangers in overcrowded terminals for both departure and arrival at their destination. Boutique jet charter companies know what you value and always try to satisfy and exceed in meeting your safety concerns.

Increased levels of security – Flying in a crowded commercial airline – when you can afford not to – does nothing to increase a person’s sense of safety and security. Despite the best efforts of most airlines and airport authorities, the threat of COVID-19 still exists something which private flyers wish to avoid at all costs. Private charter companies usually offer an FBO service (Fixed Based Operation) operating from the airport of choice, but distinct from public spaces, meaning there is no need for unsafe interaction. The client can drive directly to the FBO, perform clearance tasks, board the plane, and be on their way in comfort and safety in less time than it usually takes to park in an airport car park.

For many private flyers, personal security can also be a major consideration. Stars of stage, screen, and sporting arenas, along with high-profile individuals from the world of governance, big business, and other individuals in the public gaze, value their personal security. An experienced private jet charter company can provide privacy and secure spaces, flexible timetables, and can even arrange private personal security when requested.

Onboard luxury, comfort, and catering – A boutique private jet hire partner know that many of their clients live in a style to which they have become accustomed. For that reason, they can offer flexibility and a range of services mostly unknown even in first-class commercial travel. Private jet cabin interiors are designed to create a feeling of comfort, luxury, and style. The objective of this attention to the creature comforts is to help ensure that the client arrives at their destination as if they had just stepped from their own home.

A private jet charter operator will also do their best to provide whatever catering services are required. From light snacks and drinks to specialised menus and champagne; for a professional and experienced private jet partner, this is just another part of their flexibility, ensuring that the client’s every wish is met. Additionally, the broker will make sure that the actual aircraft chosen for the route is the most suitable and perfectly provides all comforts to match the group’s size, flying time, and any additional requirements.

outique Travel – Shopping for a private jet hire partner

Putting luxury destinations in easy reach – Luxury destinations, resorts, and private villas are usually far from the more crowded holiday destinations and tourist centres. With the ability to land at private and regional airports and landing strips, a private aircraft allows the traveller access to some of the more remote and more luxurious destinations without ever having to rub shoulders with the masses. From ski resorts and private islands to five-star hotels in nature and transfers to yachting holidays, a private jet can make travel to and arrival at the destination seem like an extension of the complete holiday experience.

The benefits of doing business on board – For business executives, board directors, and other high-net-worth individuals a private aircraft flight can be the perfect, quiet, and comfortable environment to direct their business. Whether travelling for an important meeting with prospective partners or clients, finalising a company acquisition, or attending an important product launch, a private aircraft’s roomy interior can become an office in the skies. To support such situations, your private jet hire partner will most likely have encountered such situations many times in the past and will be more than prepared for any additional requests, from wi-fi, computer, and printer facilities onboard the aircraft, to ensure the personnel involved arrive refreshed, relaxed, and ready to do business on arrival.


There are no standard private jet hire clients – Because no two private jet clients are the same, an exceptional charter partner will be prepared for any request, no matter how unique it may be. For most people, the notion of private jet travellers is a stereotypical one; super-wealthy individuals, rock stars, sports teams, government officials, and owners of giant corporations. While this may be true, there is growing interest in private aircraft hire coming from people who, at least for them, realise that time is more important than money. These are people who believe that getting the most from life only enhances their existence, and allows them to be more creative, more productive, and more successful.

But it is not just individuals who seek the assistance of private brokers. A good client list can range from NGOs helping in disaster zones, governments conducting repatriation flights, oil and gas companies who need support in relocating their global teams at short notice, sports teams on route to competition, and many others across multiple disciplines. For all of these individuals and groups, the most important requirement is that their chosen private jet partner has the experience, a team of competent professionals, a world-spanning network of aircraft, and the flexibility to fully understand their needs and deliver exactly what is required.

Flexibility of movement – Flexibility, as we’ve mentioned several times – is one of the main considerations for private jet travellers. Their plans may change in an instant, their destinations may vary, they may have multiple destinations or stopovers, group numbers can vary, along with a host of other variables for which they must be prepared. It doesn’t matter to the client if the broker has never had such a request in the past, they just need it done. That’s why, the more experience a private jet company has, the more likely it is that a member of their team has witnessed any issue that may come their way. Boutique private jet hire partners are equipped to take charge of and implement any conditions – within reason – requested by the client.

Boutique Travel – Shopping for a private jet hire partner

Window shopping for your private jet partner

If you do a Google search for private jet hire, private plane hire, or rent a private jet, the results might overwhelm you. It’s a bit like going shopping and hoping to find the exact item you want, in the exact shade, with the exact fit, and for the exact price, as soon as you walk through the shop’s doors.

But, at least you’ve done the window shopping, now you need to touch the fabric.

There are several easy tips for finding a great private jet partner.

  • If you find one that you think might suit your needs, be ready to do your homework. Look for recommendations, read testimonials, and get as much information as you can.
  • Examine what they’ve done in the past and who their clients were.
  • Do they have the experience they claim to have? Have their staff deep knowledge of the aviation industry?
  • While the price may seem important at first, quality of service is much more important.
  • Are they looking for a ‘quick sale’ or are they ready and waiting to develop a long and lasting partnership?

There is no substation for experience when it comes to private jet rental. The more experience they have, the less likely it will be for any unusual situation to surprise them. They will have handled many unique situations over the years, and they will have added this experience to their list of achievements and will use the knowledge gathered long into the future.

There really is no substitute for experience, a tip worth remembering when you go window shopping for an exceptional private jet hire partner.