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Stop acting like you live twice

Sadly, we’ve only got one chance to experience life to the full, but not all of us seize that chance with both hands.

For those who do, they have already come to realise that experiences are more important than possessions. Experiences that enhance every other aspect of their whole being, from work life to family life – whether that’s a walk in the woods or a private flight into space.

One of the experiences being accessed by greater numbers is a private jet charter, and fulfilling the dream of holidaying like a billionaire – even if it’s only once in their lives. And what’s more, private luxury jet hire companies are there to simplify the whole process.

Private flying, and leasing a private jet for a holiday experience like no other might seem like an activity reserved for rock stars, media personalities, heads of state, and international sporting legends, but more and more high-income individuals – who crave new experiences – are choosing private travel to bring those experiences to life.

They too want to discover the glamour and thrills of an exotic big-five African safari, the privacy of a secluded Caribbean island, the powdery slopes of the less-popular ski resorts, or just a family-sized chalet in the wilds of nature to unwind and embrace the feeling of being surrounded by family and friends.

Private jet hire – how to holiday like a billionaire

Private jet leases are increasing in demand

Before the arrival of a global nightmare – COVID-19 – leasing a private jet was, in most cases, reserved for the elite few; but that’s all changed significantly.

Private jets for lease, while admittedly still an expensive exuberance, have become more attainable for families, groups of friends, and corporate teams who wish to use their wealth to experience life in bold new colours and in brave in new worlds.

The element of travelling safely, avoiding the crowds at busy airports, and stepping truly away from the mainstream of life, has been one of the elements behind the rise in the private jet business for, dare we say, ordinary people.

There is a new traveller on the block, middle-class with access to some element of wealth, but who also fully understand that money is merely a means to enhance their lives in new and fascinating ways – ways that were once only attainable by billionaires. The new affordability and availability of luxury private jet hire have put family and small group vacations to exotic locations firmly within their grasp.

Plus – and it’s a major plus – chartering a private jet plane removes all of the frustrations associated with scheduled airlines, delayed flights, weather disruptions, overcrowded airports, industrial action, while adding a sense of security, style, and comfort usually reserved for the uber-rich.

When these concerns are taken into consideration, the advantages of chartering a private plane seem far greater than the actual financial cost involved.

When you hire a private jet, you can choose a holiday destination using a major airport – without the associated inconveniences – a regional airport, or even a private airport or airfield. Being able to choose your arrival airport reduces the transportation time between the point of departure and the final destination. For people who firmly believe that time is money, private jet hire allows more time in the company of loved ones, friends, or colleagues, and what price can be placed on that?

Private jet hire – how to holiday like a billionaire

So, where do you want to go?

The big difference between leasing a private jet or choosing a scheduled flight is… well, scheduled flights are scheduled. That means that they travel between point A and point B in a certain time slot. Not a lot of use if your destination happens to be point X and you want to travel at a time that suits YOU.

That’s the billionaire beauty of private chartered travel for vacations – or any other reason – you get to decide the destination and determine the schedule to fit your preferences and your availability.

Thanks to this flexibility, destinations like the more exclusive Greek Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, long weekends in Dubai, skiing in Chile or Colorado, or even luxury 5-star city breaks in Las Vegas, Paris, Venice, or Hong Kong are now all perfectly within reach thanks to the availability of luxury private planes for hire.

An experienced private jet leasing company can offer all the advice and help even a trainee billionaire might need. From the most suitable aircraft, the most convenient airports or airstrips, safety recommendations, they can arrange ground transport, customised dining, they can even help with exclusive accommodation recommendations whatever destination you might choose for your billionaire getaway.

Depending on your preference, when you charter a private plane the choice of destination is yours. Most great jet charter companies will have a network of partners that have aircraft positioned right around the world, meaning no destination is too remote, or too inaccessible.

Of course, as the saying goes, the world is your oyster, or your lobster, or your caviar, depending on how much you are willing to spend to create those unforgettable experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Private jet hire – how to holiday like a billionaire

5 of the best billionaire-style breaks by private jet

Yachting in the Mediterranean – The Mediterranean is a big blue playground for lovers of sailing and life on the open water, and with scores of luxury yacht-hire companies from Mallorca and Sardinia to Montenegro and the Greek Islands, a private jet lease will get you exactly where you need to be to meet your crew. Then, it’s time to cast off and discover the magic of tiny fishing villages, secluded islands, bays, and coves. Drop anchor for dinner onboard, or in the ambience of a small local restaurant where the nearby sea is the daily larder.

Portugal and its islands – Life is too short to mention every unimaginable beauty spot that Portugal and its islands have to offer. Whether you prefer a luxury villa on a secluded hillside overlooking the vineyard terraces of the Douro Valley, a 5-star retreat in the Algarve, with a terrace view over the neighbouring golf course, a luxury penthouse apartment as a base to enjoy the lively streets and nightlife of Lisbon or Porto, or escape to the rustic, unspoilt charms of the Azores, floating like bright green emeralds in a sea of liquid sapphire, Portugal has something to fulfil the tastes of every would-be billionaire.

The Scottish Highlands – Live like a Laird in a private Scottish Castle with the wild rolling hills of the Highlands on your doorstep. Cast for salmon in the Speyside rivers, a private gillie at hand to help you with your day’s catch, or simply sit back in your fortress home in the glow of a warming open fire with a dram of your favourite vintage whisky in hand. The perfect billionaire’s retreat.

Napa Valley, California – Nothing quite beats arriving by private jet for a weekend of wine-tasting in America’s most famous wine country, California’s Napa Valley. With luxury 5-star villas and resorts over every vineyard rise, nothing says billionaire travel quite like evenings of sumptuous dinners accompanied by the finest of wines and the ruffle of a warm Californian breeze to stir the balmy air.

New York City – It’s said that even a pauper can feel like a billionaire in the Big Apple, so imagine how you would feel, arriving by private plane, being whisked to your luxury penthouse apartment in downtown Manhattan, before dressing for dinner at any one of the city’s world-famous landmark restaurants. You may not be avoiding the crowds, but if you want to rub shoulders with billionaires, socialites, the rich and famous, there is nowhere quite like the City That Never Sleeps.

Whatever your billionaire-style private jet holiday destination, your journey should begin with a trusted charter partner. They have answers to questions that you didn’t even know were questions, and the expertise to prepare you, your family, friends, or colleagues for an experience that will last a lifetime, even if it’s only one lifetime.

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