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We all deserve a break, but where’s your luxury private jet headed? Thinking outside the box can lead you to some of the best places to go on holiday in 2022.

In 2022, as the world reopens, the status-quo is being shaken up, and there are new kids on the global vacation block. While old favorites retain their charm, and many have reinvented themselves, some of the best places to go on vacation might not have made your list before. If you’ve decided to beat the post-pandemic blues by hiring a private jet for an exotic getaway, why not make it extra special by choosing one of these unique locations?

Skyllence have seen a marked increase in private jet hires heading into 2022, with people keen to venture out after having stayed at home for so long. “Travelers can’t wait to visit new destinations or reexperience the places that they’ve dreamt about whilst in lockdown” observes Vilius Radziukas, the Head of Sales at Skyllence. “As countries around the world look to reestablish tourist activity, new players are entering the global travel market, making this the perfect time to get out there and discover some unique new places to go on holiday.”


Let’s start with a classic. If you’ve just read that introduction about new and unique places to go on holiday, you can be forgiven for the involuntary eye-roll at the mention of tried-and-tested Turkey. It’s not all Grand Bazaar, beaches in Antalya, and Hagia Sophia, though – although those destinations are classics for good reason.

In recent years, Turkey has ploughed money into regions that western travelers might not consider at first glance in a bid to reinvigorate its tourism industry for obvious reasons. Places like Cappadocia, with its fairy-chimney rock formations and Byzantine cave churches; the Hittite capital city, Hattusa; or the mountain-top statues of Nemrut Dağ are captivating destinations for any would-be traveler with a penchant for the past.

If you think that “the world’s biggest museum” sounds like ones of the best places to go traveling, then you’re right, and you’re not alone in that assessment: around 51 million tourists visited Turkey in 2019. Don’t let that deter you, though, as you’re now armed with knowledge of some of its more esoteric destinations. That, paired with your arrival via private jet travel, of course, is sure to see you beat the crowds and enjoy everything on offer from one of the top places to visit in the world.


If you came here for left-of-field suggestions, then let’s really get into it: Anguilla is a place where few visit but many return. If the relentless itinerary and endless list of places to go to in Turkey leaves you breathless, then Anguilla offers the exact opposite: a place where you can just chill. That’s not to say it’s boring, though – far from it. If stunning beaches, watersport activities, and encounters with particularly friendly dolphins are your thing, then Anguilla really is the top place to visit.

This little-known Caribbean island is one of the region’s best-kept secrets, ensuring that while the crowds head for Jamaica or the Dominican Republic your private jet turns away from the mainstream. Peace and tranquility are assured by the surroundings, but the absence of hordes of tourists provides an extra layer of security to this guarantee, making Anguilla one of the best places to go in the world.


The size of Belize belies what’s on offer: this small central American country is packed full of attractions, making it one of the world’s best places to go traveling. An in-depth guide isn’t necessary here – just open Google Maps and look at it. The eye is immediately drawn to forest reserves, conservation areas, and wildlife sanctuaries, guaranteeing that any holidaymaker with an interest in the greener things in life is sure to be satisfied.

Nestled among these stunning forests is a cornucopia of ruins that speak of the country’s Mayan heritage, and after exploring them to your heart’s content why not soak those weary feet while experiencing the world’s second-largest barrier reef? If that all sounds a little too active, don’t worry – as the map suggests, Belize is replete with achingly beautiful beaches that can accommodate half of your holiday party while the other half do their best Indiana Jones impersonations (that reference belongs in a museum!).

Hiring a private jet and then heading for Belize tells the world that you’re a serious holidaymaker. You know what you’re doing and you’re fully abreast of the best places in the world to go on vacation. Like Anguilla, Belize is off the beaten track, but if your idea of a fun place to go consists of probing through overgrown jungles for never-before-seen Mayan ruins, then you probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

New Zealand

Did your ears perk up (or eyes – how does this phrase work in text?) at the sound of achy feet? If so, the soon-to-be-blistered traveler should look no further than the land of the long white cloud. New Zealand is a hiker’s paradise, pairing stunning scenery with a devotion to sustainability and managing the impact of tourists on the landscape thanks to its world-renowned Department of Conservation. What this means is that anyone seeking to experience this alpine wonderland can do so safe in the knowledge that their impact on it is mitigated, leaving you guilt-free to enjoy the slopes and inclines at your leisure.

When people think of New Zealand, it’s as a cool place to go abroad – skydiving, bungy jumps, and van-dwelling vagabonds sat around a campfire. Whilst this is all true, typecasting like this can conceal the fact that New Zealand has some incredible and truly unique attractions for the modern traveler – as any Lord of the Rings fan will attest to.

If a stroll around Hobbiton, a meal at the top of Auckland’s Sky Tower, or a tour (and tasting, of course) at any one of Marlborough’s world-renowned vineyards sounds good to you, then Aotearoa is your place to go on holiday. New Zealand’s extensive network of airports will make travel by private jet easy for the time-conscious traveller, but getting there can take a while. Climb aboard your private jet rental, then, and settle in for the long-haul. New Zealand is quite a distance away for most western travelers, but you’ll just have to trust me here: it’s very much worth the wait!


“Ruins, you said earlier?” If private jet group travel is on the menu and your party has a taste for the antique, there really is nowhere like Egypt as a vacation destination. The temples at Abu Simbel, world-famous tombs in the Valley of the Kings, and those big triangle things in the desert – I forget what they’re called, you may not have heard of them – are high on the list of the best places to visit in the world for anyone with even a passing interest in archaeology.

This is becoming a theme, though: like with the other destinations, there’s more to Egypt than meets the eye. While, yes, let’s be honest, Egypt’s headline-grabbing heritage is what attracts most tourists, it’s also home to some of the world’s best diving reefs. What’s more, the balmy year-round water temperatures mean that if you fancy some tropical scuba diving to escape the ice in the middle of December, nothing’s stopping you – you’re hiring a private jet, after all!


“Escaping the ice? No thanks, I’ve packed my thick socks and I’m going in.” If this is how you think, Norway’s got you covered tighter than your favorite winter coat – which you should bring with you, incidentally. Private jets are hired to depart for Norway every year in search of a frozen blast of icy weather – whether for families looking to get a little closer to Santa or holidaymakers that have just had enough of sunburns and sand saturation. Beyond the climate, though, Norway’s geography is world-famous.

There are people out there who get excited by long, narrow coastal inlets with steep sides or cliffs that were created by glaciers. These fjord chasers are in their element in Norway, where you really can’t move for them. Turned a corner? Fjord. Gone over a hill? Fjord. Opened up that drawer at the bottom of a long-forgotten wardrobe? Ugh, fjord again, hidden under the moth-bitten scarves.

If geological features are not your cup of tea, Norway’s arctic capital of Tromsø offers a myriad of activities for nature lovers, including whale watching, dog sledding, and experiencing the unforgettable northern lights from the comfort of a reindeer-drawn sled (sorry Rudolph!). For the ultra-adventurous, head to one of the northernmost inhabited places on Earth – the archipelago of Svalbard, one of the few places where you can spot a polar bear in the wild. If you are deciding on a holiday destination – look, there’s another one – with stunning landscapes, awe-inspiring nature, and jagged, frozen beauty, then your private jet will be carrying you to Norway in 2022.

Easter Island

On the subject of jagged beauty, the 10-metre anthropomorphic stone statues on Easter Island surely fit the bill – just look at those jawlines! Anyone who visits this remote pacific location can dine out on the experience for the rest of their lives. This is an iconic, world-famous place that’s even been immortalized in emoji form (surely the highest form of honor). Just ask yourself, though, have you ever met anyone who’s actually been there? If the answer’s no, and it probably is, then you can guarantee that when your private jet takes you to Easter Island you’ll have an experience that nobody can match in this incredible place to visit.

There’s more to this island than giant heads, though: extinct volcanic craters, ancient ceremonial villages, an anthropological museum, and a range of stunning beaches guarantee that your itinerary will never run out of steam. Because of its size, Easter Island might require a smaller private jet to complete your journey. This should be seen as an advantage, though, lending a sense of adventure to your arrival and guaranteeing that, whatever you do when you get there, Easter Island will at the very least be a fun place to go on holiday.


Building on the theme of fun, we come to Japan. This is an entertainment paradise, where even the pickiest and most dour traveler is guaranteed to find pastimes that pique their interest. This can be proved via a quick exercise. Think of the dullest group of people that you can imagine – for me, it’s train spotters. Does Japan have anything fun for them to do on holiday? Of course it does: the bullet train, one of the world’s fastest, will captivate these anorak-wearing hobbyists for days.

Any interest is catered for in Japan, however esoteric. Hikers can experience Mount Fuji, gardeners will revel in the beauty of traditional Japanese gardens, and even people who just want to sit down and drink tea will find ceremonies and events dedicated to doing exactly that! Japan really is one of the most fun places to go on planet earth, so if your travel party is a hard-to-please group with diverse interests, turn that private jet towards the land of the rising sun and guarantee that everyone has an incredible time.

Exciting times ahead

The countries covered in this article are all incredible places to go. The truth is, though, that most destinations are good places to go on holiday. Like anything, they key is to do a little research before departure to make sure that you get everything you want out of your vacation in 2022. Even if you randomly throw a pin at a map, though, traveling by private jet to an exotic locale is a great way to start your journey as it guarantees that, wherever you go on holiday, you’ll have at least two memorable experiences – the flights there and back, if nothing else!

Vilius Radziukas, the Head of Sales at Skyllence, is enthused by the prospect of assisting travelers in reaching some of the best places to go on vacation around the world in 2022: “With classic destinations modernizing in a bid to attract post-COVID travelers, new players looking to enter the market, and old favorites retaining their charm, 2022 is poised to be the most exciting year for private jet travel in a generation. With that in mind, we can confidently say that hiring a private jet is the easy part – it’s deciding where to go that is going to be the most difficult!”