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With a surging Alcaraz, Djokovic still at the peak of his powers, and a whole host of up-and-coming contenders all vying for titles, the world of elite tennis has never been so unpredictable and enthralling. For those who want to see the world’s best tennis players in action, though, navigating through the intricacies of the tennis season can seem a daunting task.

This article is here to help, guiding you through the tennis events calendar so that you can pick out the perfect destination with the accuracy of a Federer forehand. With those points on the board, all that’s left is to actually get there, which is where Skyllence come in. Their air charter services are the peak of luxury travel, steering you through the tennis schedule with ease and ensuring comfort, reliability and convenience along the way.

If you’re looking to experience one of the world’s best sporting events, it makes sense that you get there using one of the world’s best travel providers. The unique quality of Skyllence’s private jet charter services leave no stone unturned in their quest for luxury, meaning you’re free to focus on the tournament itself. One question, then: where exactly is your private jet rental heading?

The Grand Slams

The sport’s four largest and most renowned tournaments, these tennis majors represent the pinnacle of quality. If you’re looking to impress guests, make a family trip extra special, or simply see a truly global event, charter private jet travel to a tennis grand slam is always going to be hard to beat.

The Australian Open

When: 14–22 January 2024.

Where: Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia.

Why visit: Melbourne is a stunning, modern, vibrant city that makes for a perfect destination at any time of year, but when the tennis is in town the whole place goes up a notch. Private charter flights that arrive here find the ideal place for family vacations, with perfect year-round weather the cherry on the top of an already incredible location.

The French Open

When: 27 May–3 June 2024.

Where: Stade Roland Garros, Paris, France.

Why visit: The city of love needs no introduction, but just for those who aren’t aware, beautiful moonlit walks along the charming boulevards of Paris are the perfect way to spend time in-between matches, and the city has long been famed for its gastronomic excellence. Put simply: this is the perfect lover’s retreat, and if you’re both tennis fans then there really can be no better destination.


When: 1–14 July 2024.

Where: All England Club, London, UK.

Why visit: London is a city with a litany of historical, cultural and downright fun things to do. The event itself makes the most of the great British summer (bring an umbrella), and nowhere else on the tennis calendar will you find strawberries and cream in such abundance!

The US Open

When: 24 August–2 September 2024.

Where: Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, New York City, USA.

Why visit: If you’re tired of New York, you’re tired of life. Filling the space between matches – especially when the tournament nears its close – can be tiresome in less exciting destinations. In the Big Apple, you’ll have the opposite problem: just remember, you’re there to see the tennis, you can always come back later for everything else!

The Best of the Rest

It’s not all about Grand Slams – there are other tennis events that rival the star-power, spectacle and sheer quality of sport on show. The next four tournaments offer something a little different that might pique the interest of someone who’s not au-fait with the intricacies of the tennis season.

The Davis Cup

When: 9 September 2024 for qualifiers – finals TBC (usually mid to late November).

Where: Manchester, UK (venue TBC).

Why visit: Calling itself “The World Cup of Tennis”, the Davis Cup is a truly international affair, where national teams compete for the title of world champion. If you’re traveling via group air charter and some of your party – whisper it – aren’t actually that interested in tennis, then this event is a great way to stir up some interest through the medium of national pride.

The Laver Cup

When: 16 September 2024.

Where: Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany.

Why visit: Europe vs the rest of the world is a tried-and-true way to create engaging sporting events, and the tennis calendar is no exception when it comes to this format. Like the Davis Cup, the Laver Cup presents a way for those with little interest in tennis to grow to appreciate the sport through the national narratives that emerge during the event, making group air charter to Berlin a great idea for family groups in 2024.

WTA Finals

When: 29 October 29–5 November 2024.

Where: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (venue TBC).

Why visit: If you don’t want to run the risk of enlisting luxury jet travel to witness a tennis match only to see two players you don’t recognise, why not head to the event where only the best compete? The 16 highest-ranked female players battle it out at the WTA Finals, meaning that whichever match you attend you’re sure to see the crème de la crème of the sport.

The ATP Finals

When: 11 November 2024

Where: Turin, Italy (venue TBC).

Why visit: The ATP Finals are the men’s parallel of the WTA finals, and are perfect if you’re looking to hire a private jet to take you to see some truly elite men’s tennis. This is the only event that can offer a guarantee of quality that’s as solid as the promise of luxury when you travel with Skyllence.

The Players


Being the current titleholder in three of the sport’s four grand slams (and only narrowly missing out on a calendar slam by one set in the Wimbledon final) will no doubt confer a certain weight of expectation on Novak Djokovic, but it’s nothing that someone who’s won a record 24 grand slams can’t handle. While common sense says that age should be catching up with him, it would be a brave gambler who bet against the 36-year-old Serb in any of the 2024 tennis events.

Vying for the title will no doubt be the other force at the pinnacle of men’s tennis: Carlos Alcaraz, who seeks to usurp Djokovic at the top of the table in the near future and has done so once already – in the 2023 Wimbledon final. Alcaraz won’t be alone in that endeavour, though, as Medvedev’s performance in the 2023 US Open final demonstrates.

Behind these three players are a whole host of others who might take that small leap and threaten a slam: Rune, Sinner, Rublev, Tsitsipas, and Rude all seem ready to step up. Will anyone threaten Djokovic’s dominance? Will Alcaraz continue to develop and deliver on his promise? Will new stars emerge, or established players take the next step? The 2024 men’s tennis season promises answers to all of these intriguing questions.


The women’s calendar doesn’t experience the same one-player stranglehold that’s gripped men’s tennis for the last few years. No player won two grand slams in 2023, but the success of Sabalenka in the Australian Open looked ominous, especially when she followed it up with semi-final appearances at Roland Garros and Wimbledon and then narrowly lost the US Open. That level of sustained success surely makes her the favourite heading into 2024.

However, a resurgent Iga Swiatek – freshly recovered from injury to claim the French Open title – will have other ideas as she looks to regain that number 1 spot that she held for so long. Will outsider Vondrusova be able to build on her remarkable Wimbledon triumph in 2024? Will breakout star Coco Gauff – US Open champion at just 19 – taste further success? Will Naomi Osaka make a comeback to upset the top 10? The 2024 WTA calendar looks set to deliver surprises at every turn, so it’s worth trusting Skyllence to ensure that you don’t miss a beat.

Game, Set, Match?

There you have it: your guide to the 2024 tennis calendar! With that knowledge tucked under one arm and the promise of a Skyllence luxury jet charter under the other, you’re now fully equipped to attend some of the best sporting events in the world while experiencing the untold luxury of an air charter broker like no other. We spoke to Vilma Vaitiekunaite, Skyllence CEO, to find out exactly what makes them unique in the world of aircraft charter broker services:

“Our approach is what sets us apart, as we treat every client the same. Every client who trusts us to provide them with travel solutions – whether for elite sporting events, business charter, or simply as part of an unforgettable family holiday – receives the same VIP treatment as standard. That’s what makes us so confident that we’ll exceed your expectations, and it’s why so many clients return to book with us again as soon as they get back home!”