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Private jet charter to a serene retreat in the mountain wilderness – what better form of luxury escape could there possibly be? Despite the rarefied air of these exotic locales, there are actually quite a few potential destinations to choose from, with mountain enclaves around the world all vying to lure in charter private jet passengers with promises of an elite escape.

Luckily for you, this list is here to guide you through the options and sift through the noise, trimming down the fat and highlighting some of the world’s most exclusive mountain getaways that offer serious alpine luxury. Once you’ve selected a staging post for your luxury retreat, we’ll consider what you’ll actually do when you’re safely nestled in your serene mountain refuge. After all’s said and done, only one thing will remain: contacting Skyllence and ensuring private air charter services that befit the quality of these stunning destinations.

The Locations

Amangani, Wyoming:

The first destination on this list is known for its stunning views of the Teton Mountains and luxurious accommodation. It’s not all bark and no bite when it comes to this American mountain refuge, though, as its long list of exclusive experiences – including private wildlife safaris and gourmet dining – illustrate.

The windswept Wyoming plains and their rugged mountainous backdrop contain a whole range of stunning scenery, and blend the high drama of ragged crags with the accessibility of wide grasslands over huge skies. If taking the pace of life down a notch is what you’re looking for in your mountain sanctuary, then Amangani is the place to send your air charter jet towards.

The Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland:

The unique combination of Alpine chic and Asian design elements makes the Chedi Andermatt stand out from what, in Switzerland, is a somewhat crowded marketplace of stunning mountain retreats. This 5-star luxury hotel has all of the elite amenities that one might expect – from the comprehensive spa to its offering of no less than five fine dining restaurants – but what really sets it apart is its unique East-meets-West approach.

This ethos is seen throughout everything the Chedi Andermatt does, from its architecture to its menus, and makes for a mountain escape like no other. If you’re looking for a way out from the hustle and bustle but don’t want to leave modern luxury and unique design behind entirely, then you may have just found the perfect destination.

Le Melezin, Courchevel, France:

Anyone with even a passing interest in skiing knows the name Courchevel, so it should be no surprise to learn that if winter sports are your preference then there are few better destinations than Le Melezin. Offering direct access to Bellecôte Piste, there is serious sporting pedigree on offer here for the intrepid mountain guest, but that doesn’t come at the cost of true luxury – including private balconies, spa treatments, and gourmet dining experiences.

If you’re looking to use private aviation to head towards a mountain getaway that really makes the most of your Alpine surroundings, then Le Melezin is the clear favourite. In this French mountain lodge, the mountains are more than just a stunning backdrop through the restaurant window – they’re the very heart of the trip, and if you’re not to be found cascading down them on your skis then you’re doing it wrong!

Blanket Bay, New Zealand:

The word “Alpine” doesn’t have to mean European. There are two mountain ranges known as the Alps, after all – one in central Europe, and the Southern Alps, located along the spine of New Zealand’s South Island. Anyone who has visited the region will testify to the fact that the Southern Alps are in no way inferior to their European relatives, offering unique escapes that are sure to shine fresh light on mountain experiences for even the most well-travelled guest.

Located near Queenstown, Blanket Bay offers a truly secluded mountain retreat, with stunning lake and mountain views, gourmet dining facilities, and access to a unique range of outdoor activities –New Zealand is the home of the bungee jump, after all! For those looking for a less high-octane experience, the serenity to be found in the secluded folds of the Southern Alps is hard to beat, so consider this destination if isolation is your intention.

Sonnenalp Vail, Colorado:

If you’re US-based and are looking for a truly unique, authentic Bavarian experience without the hassle of intercontinental travel, you might think that you’re out of luck. Where there’s a will there’s a way, though: step forward Sonnenalp Vail, nestled in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Known for its Bavarian-inspired architecture, this boutique lodge offers a world-class spa, gourmet dining, and access to some of the best skiing that the country has to offer.

If a somewhat baroque design experience paired with elite luxury, stunning scenery and close access to incredible winter sports areas sounds like the perfect winter mountain getaway, then the exclusive enclave of Bavarian buildings found at Sonnenalp Vail are your best bet. Alternatively, you could always head to Bavaria itself, but where’s the fun in that?

The Activities

Alpine Gourmet Dinners:

Exclusive culinary events featuring renowned chefs offering gourmet dining experiences are ten-a-penny in modern cities, but have you ever had one enhanced by the stunning backdrop of a rugged mountain range? If not, you’re missing out, so don’t forget to set aside some time for a little culinary adventuring when you’re amongst the peaks.

Possible venue: The Little Nell, Aspen

Private Skiing Experiences:

It might seem obvious that skiing is on the plate, but some of these elite getaways offer exclusive access to pristine slopes. For skiing enthusiasts looking for a private and elite skiing experience, there really is no substitute for having your own little piste of paradise!

Possible venue: Deer Valley Resort, Utah

Luxury Spa Retreats:

One can find high-end wellness retreats that focus on rejuvenation and relaxation all around the world, but the unique natural environment and the crystal-clear glacier water that feeds their springs make mountain spas a cut above their lowland rivals. The luxurious spa treatments, wellness activities and meditative environments offered in these regions are not to be missed – just try not to gloat too hard when you get home!

Possible venue: The Green Spa at St. Moritz, Switzerland

Exclusive Mountain Film Festivals:

It might not seem obvious, but film festivals showcasing both premieres and critically acclaimed favourites are often held in these intimate and luxurious mountain settings. The surrounding scenery serves only to enhance what’s on show, making a film fest in the mountains a must-see for cinephiles of all kinds.

Possible venue: Sundance Resort, Utah

VIP Music Concerts:

Musicians often have a flair for the dramatic, and what could be more so than performing in the shadow of rugged peaks that tower over the crowd? Music events featuring performances by renowned artists are common at elite mountain getaways, and if this sounds like your jam then why not plan your mountain retreat around who’s performing?

Possible venue: The Lodge at Vail, Colorado

The Summit of Elite Travel

Wherever your mountain getaway takes you and whatever you get up to once you’re there, trusting an elite private jet rental provider like Skyllence is a sure-fire way to lock in luxury. Their elite charter experience can be customised to the finest detail, guaranteeing a truly unique travel solution that fits every need – however specific.

When you contact them to arrange transport to your mountain hideaway, they’ll guide you through the booking process. All you need is a destination in mind, a rough idea of your dates, and an outline of what your dream Alpine escape should look like. They’ll take care of the rest!

“Clients looking for an escape from the highly-strung nature of city life often come to us seeking a serene retreat in the mountains” notes Skyllence CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite. “We’re all too happy to oblige, and we’re proud that our services are usually the first step on a journey towards tranquillity. Those looking to destress could opt for a commercial flight, but the advantages that we at Skyllence hold over our non-private rivals are clear in this area: luxury, serenity, and stress-free travel – from the moment you first book to your arrival back home. If you need to unwind, we’re your first port of call – we can even tailor the inside of the cabin for maximum relaxation!”