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Every year, thousands of winter-weary people take a stand. They say no to trudging along slush-laden high streets, no to wearing 16 layers just to walk the dog, and no to the idea that leaving the house is off the table for three dreary months. By heading on a luxury escape to a sun-kissed locale, they seize the moment and flip the script. If you’re yearning to join them on exotic holidays in search of Christmas sun this year, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will take a look at some of the world’s most luxurious (and, crucially, warm) exotic destinations, giving you a raft of ideas for your jetset holidays. A secluded beach in Mexico? An island getaway in the Indian ocean? Maybe even an elite retreat in one of the many scorching destinations that make up the gulf states? Whatever your preferred flavour of luxury resort, we’ve got your covered, but before we launch headlong into deciding on a destination for your tropical Christmas journey, it’s worth thinking about how you’ll actually get there.

Delays and Departure Lounges

Anyone who’s ever made an ill-fated attempt to travel over the Christmas period will know exactly how perilous this time of year can be. Crammed departure lounges, delays and cancellations, screaming children – all part of a big present to be unwrapped when it comes to festive travel. Any luxury escape that starts and ends in these circumstances can hardly call itself a relief from the stresses that this time of year brings, so what’s the alternative?

Simple: the convenience, luxury, and flexibility of private air charter services are the best way of ensuring that your festive getaway lives up to the billing throughout. On a private plane rental, you control the itinerary, decide on the in-flight experience, and enjoy a level of luxury that other providers can only dream of. The alternative risks ruining the entire experience, and after returning home from your elite escape on a Christmas-time commercial flight you might be ready for another holiday!

A Cut Above

It’s clear, then: luxury escapes are nothing without VIP travel. If you’re serious about being on the beach this Christmas, you want bespoke travel solutions that mirror the luxury of your destination. That opens your options to include private aviation and the world of aircraft charter, where unparalleled experiences in the air supplement (or even exceed) the luxury that you’ll expect on arrival.

Take Skyllence, for example, an aircraft charter provider with years of experience. This festive season, they’re sure to be arranging elite getaways via private aviation for all kinds of clients: affluent families looking for unique Christmas experiences; couples seeking romantic getaways; business professionals looking for an extra-special end-of-year retreat; or simply luxury travellers who prioritise comfort, convenience, and exclusivity.

Whatever camp you fall into, no elite getaway is complete without access to premium jet benefits. Now that we’ve settled on private jet services as our method of travel, where exactly are we instructing our air charter broker to have us land?

Destination Decisions

If your eyes are set on a winter escape, there’s one thing above all others that you’re looking for in your tropical retreat: sun, and lots of it. That narrows our options to the equatorial regions, but there’s still enough scope left to provide a truly global list of potential venues for your elite retreat – and don’t worry about the logistics of getting there, Skyllence will sort it all out for you!

Cape Town

Average December temperature: 22 °C

South Africa is beautiful throughout the year, with the stunning mountainous backdrop of Cape Town providing an enchanting destination for any elite getaway. The sheer variety of things to do in this incredible city is staggering, with safaris, climbing, heritage trails or simply relaxing beach days all on offer. If you’re using group air charter to carry a whole family and need a destination that caters to a range of interests, look no further – Cape Town should be top of your list of elite Christmas escapes.


Average December temperature: 21 °C

For those who love luxury, there are few destinations in the world more obsessed with the finer things than Dubai. This is a place where Michelin-starred restaurants, gold-plated interiors and designer brands converge, making it ideal for an elite city break. Whilst here, guests will no doubt want to shop and spend to their heart’s content, making use of their time in one of the most luxurious locales imaginable to soak up all that’s on offer.


Average December temperature: 24 °C

Beach breaks can be complicated affairs, but Cancun keeps it simple: arrive, unwind, relax and enjoy the waves. This Mexican slice of paradise offers guests unparalleled natural beauty, crystal-clear waters and a guarantee of stunning weather, making it the perfect destination for those who are hell-bent on swimming in the ocean this winter. Beware, though, there is one major drawback to staying in Cancun at Christmas: it’s hard to avoid being smug when your friends see pictures of you sipping piña coladas under a parasol!

The Maldives

Average December temperature: 28 °C

The allure of an island getaway needs no introduction, but there are two different types of fantasy escape. The first envisages unspoilt natural beauty and a tranquil, serene environment devoid of other holidaymakers. This doesn’t have to remain a fantasy, as private beaches, silent vistas over a calm sea, and gentle waves lapping against the shore are the Maldives’ bread and butter. If you fancy a slice of paradise, there are few better destinations than this island retreat.


Average December temperature: 27 °C

The second type of island escape is a little less tranquil, focusing more on the passionfruit martinis than the beaches on which they’re consumed. If a winter getaway to a tropical island with a more western focus appeals to you, then Bali – favoured by travellers from nearby Australia and New Zealand as a destination famous for its nightlife and party scene – is a safe bet. That’s not to say that Bali lacks in tropical beauty, though, as even a cursory glance at pictures of its stunning beaches will demonstrate.


Average December temperature: 28 °C

Zanzibar, just off Tanzania on the east coast of Africa, is another perfect island destination for a Christmas getaway. The sun-kissed beaches, stunning inland rainforests, and world-renowned diving and snorkelling areas of this paradise draw guests throughout the year, but the guarantee of a warm climate come the festive season lends it an extra aura of allure. For those looking for the isolationism of the Maldives paired with easy access to safari excursions and a range of potential activities on the mainland, consider Zanzibar this Christmas.

Departure Dates

Whatever the nature of your winter getaway this year and wherever your elite Christmas escape takes you, trusting a private jet provider like Skyllence to handle your travel plans is a sure-fire way to guarantee quality. Their dedication to customer service, fastidious level of attention to detail, and eye for luxury throughout the travel experience pave the way for you to sit back, relax, and count down the days until departure.

You might think that locking in this level of luxury is a long, complicated, drawn-out process, but nothing could be further from the truth. When it comes to booking through an aircraft charter broker, the process is remarkably simple. All you need to do is decide on a destination, settle on some dates, outline any unique requirements that you might have, and contact Skyllence. They’ll take care of the rest, and if there’s any missing information they’ll let you know – just be sure to check your emails!

Vilma Vaitiekunaite, Skyllence’s CEO, breaks down exactly why the hands-off booking process is so valuable to their private jet passengers:

“When clients book with us, we’re keenly aware that it’s not just the in-flight experience that attracts them. For some, as important as the journey itself is the hassle-free nature of arranging it, which is why our teams of logistics experts are so sought-after within the industry. When a client comes to us with the outline of a holiday and entrusts us to look after the details, we try as much as possible to do it without having to trouble them further. Naturally, we have to confirm certain details, but the hands-off approach is extremely valuable to fliers with busy schedules, so where possible we make it happen with minimal fuss. There’s an added benefit, too: by organising flights behind the scenes, it’s easier for us to keep hidden the little surprises that we like to throw in as part of the experience!”