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With Christmas out of the way and summer just around the corner, it’s easy to dismiss spring as a time of year with nothing to offer the luxury traveller. To do so is to risk missing out on a world in bloom, with a whole host of incredible destinations flourishing into life during the changing of the seasons. If you’ve never experienced spring holidays before, let a Skyllence private jet charter be your chaperone through this beautiful, luxurious corner of the VIP travel world.

Elite travel via renowned air charter services guarantees an incredible experience throughout, but to truly make the most of this time of year you’ll need a good eye for luxury destinations and the exclusive resorts that are found there. Thankfully, when it comes to luxury vacations and premium holidays, you’re not on your own. This article will break down the world of elite spring getaways, offering destination ideas and highlighting luxury resorts to help you decide on the perfect escape. Once that’s settled, a quick air charter guide will point you in the direction of the perfect complement to a luxury break – private aviation with Skyllence, of course!

The Maldives

If exclusive overwater bungalows and private island resorts sound like your idea of luxury travel, then the Maldives might just be your destination of choice. A favourite of both wealthy individuals and families seeking premium spring getaways, the luxury on offer in this Indian Ocean paradise is plain to see, with crystal-clear oceans and vast, sprawling beaches wherever you look. Those that want to rest, unwind, and de-stress are sure to be able to do so here – even with the kids in-tow!

The Maldives’ reputation for relaxation is well earned, but that’s not to say it’s boring – far from it. Underwater dining experiences, private yacht excursions, and a litany of exclusive spa retreats are just some of the activities available to those who spend their spring here, and we’ve not even mentioned the world-class diving and snorkelling opportunities!

Speaking of spring, there’s always the hesitation – especially for western European travellers – in visiting anywhere at this time of year given the weather back home. No such problem exists in the Maldives, with March to May offering daily mean temperatures that hover around 30 °C and representing the year’s lowest period of rainfall. All of this combines to make The Maldives high up on anyone’s list of spring luxury breaks.


Few places are as synonymous with the HNWI lifestyle as the high-end leisure paradise of Monaco. Luxury accommodation that has been welcoming VIPs for centuries, renowned casino nights where the winning hands reach into six figures, and infamous yacht parties that come and go from the harbour of Monte Carlo at all hours – if you’ve got pockets dep enough, Monaco really is one of the world’s most incredible elite resorts.

As ever, though, there’s more to Monaco than meets the eye, and while its reputation for exclusive getaways and serving as a millionaire’s playground are well earned, you might be surprised to learn of the region’s cultural attractions. The Monte Carlo district is more than just exclusive shopping experiences – although they are well represented, should the urge for some retail therapy emerge. The city’s oceanographic museum, for example, or the sights of the historic harbour can offer welcome respite for those in need of a change of pace.

What makes spring the perfect time to visit Monaco is the arts festival that takes place every year between 13 March and 7 April, giving you yet more potential activities and experiences to get involved in – as if you weren’t pushed for time enough already!


For most of us, one image springs to mind when we think of Santorini: those stunning cliffside hotels that offer breath-taking sunset and sunrise panoramas. Young professionals and couples looking for romantic luxury travel ideas would struggle to do better than this Greek island destination, where all one has to do is look at the horizon to be inspired. As a VIP heading out on an elite getaway, what makes your Santorini experience extra special is privacy: no crowded balconies, no packed restaurants. Just you, your partner, and that incredible view.

If you’re going to be sat on a private veranda overlooking one of the most sunning pieces of scenery anywhere on the planet, you might as well have a bite to eat and something to drink while you’re doing it. Thankfully, the Greeks are way ahead of us here, with Santorini cultivating a well-earned reputation for gastronomic excellence. Local wine tastings, Mediterranean fine dining experiences, and rustic Greek cooking all complement the experience perfectly, making Santorini more than just a pretty face.

The backdrop, the luxury gourmet experiences, the endless list of activities and excursions – including private tours of the island that take in its thousands of years of history – and the balmy spring weather all combine to make this one of the best exclusive getaways that you could choose at this time of year. Fair warning, though: once you arrive, you may want to postpone your return flight indefinitely – it’s lucky that Skyllence bookings are so flexible!


Sharing similar features with the Maldives, Bali builds on that offering by adding more to entice the adventurers and leisure seekers among the ranks of spring getaway travellers. While exclusive retreats ranging from private villas to beachfront resorts and over-water luxury can be found in abundance here, there’s also a more developed side of Bali that offers luxury nightlife, with VIP areas and renowned DJs behind every door.

The beauty of Bali is that it also caters amply to those looking for a quieter trip, with adventure and relaxation provided in equal measure. Where else can you sip cocktails on a private beach one day before a high-octane jungle buggy tour takes your breath away the next? Recline in a private spa and then fly headfirst into crystal-clear rapids as part of a rafting trip?

This contrasting island paradise makes the perfect destination for group air charter passengers, as there’s simply no taste to which it can’t cater. It’s also ideal as a spring getaway location for two reasons. First, its climate: the March–May months mark the crossover point for rainy season, offering largely dry days while keeping the mercury below its summer peaks in the mid-30s. Secondly, demand: this is the mid-season period, where fewer tourists descend on the country and that promise of secluded luxury is much easier to deliver on.


There’s a reason why some of the world’s best restaurants treat this corner of western Italy as their own personal pantry: when you’re cooking with ingredients this good, little else is required. For those whose idea of the perfect spring getaway starts with gastronomic indulgence, anywhere in Tuscany is the perfect destination.

Consider the refined elegance of a luxury countryside villa, with perfectly manicured gardens and rolling hills stretching far into the distance. Cooking classes, wine tours, and food guides will pass the days before you’ve even realised that you’ve arrived, and there’s always the promise of a historical excursion to nearby Florence or Siena for a change of pace. History is in no short supply here – these were, after all, the heartlands of the Roman empire, and VIP getaways have been commonplace in this region for at least a couple of millennia.

Tuscany’s reputation for gastronomic luxury and its status as a producer of world-renowned foods comes as a result of the region’s fertility. This makes spring the perfect time to visit, as everything that makes this region special blooms into life and provides an explosion of colour to accentuate your trip. Moreover, arriving in spring means you’ll also be among the first to taste those preserved fruits and cured meats that have been maturing over winter, just leave some for the rest of us!

Getting There

Whether you’ve selected your perfect spring getaway destination from this list or it’s helped you pick another exclusive retreat elsewhere, one fact remains: you’ve got to actually get there. Thankfully, organising a Skyllence private jet rental is nowhere near as difficult as picking from the incredible luxury breaks discussed above.

All you need to do now is contact them with your private charter requirements and they’ll take care of the rest – who knew private aviation could be so easy? Because they’ve organised so many aircraft charter solutions over the years, they’ve honed their process into a finely tuned machine capable of delivering with minimal input from your end. If any extra information is needed, of course, then they’ll contact you, but the hands-off approach that they allow their clients to take is what makes them unique, according to Skyllence CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite.

“Time and again, clients emphasise how much they value the fact that we deliver high-quality private jet services with minimal fuss. We do this by keeping it simple: we receive your requirements, you receive your flights – that way there’s no room for unnecessary procedures that might delay or confuse the process. Working in this way allows us to guarantee VIP luxury to every client, with a red-carpet experience as standard on all of our jet travel services – but don’t just take our word for it! Come and see for yourself what jet rental with Skyllence looks like; we’re certain that you’ve never travelled with an air charter broker quite like us before!”