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Destination decided, location located, place picked – you’ve settled on where you’re going and know that you want Skyllence to get you there (good choice, by the way!), but how do you actually go about booking a private jet?

Whether organising a last-minute family getaway, securing prompt business travel to a summit overseas, or organising a jet charter in need of a priority service, there are plenty of times that elite travel can call for speed.

This article will break down the process of booking a private jet charter for those in a hurry, helping you to secure executive travel when deadlines are looming and there’s no room for manoeuvre.

Step 1: Settle on a Destination

This might seem obvious, and you might have done it already if you’re in the position of needing luxury travel in the immediate future, but it’s hard for any air charter service broker – even those as gifted as Skyllence – to proceed without knowing where they’re going.

Let’s say you’re in charge of travel management for a CEO heading to a MICE event in a city. Will they be staying in the city, or in another nearby locale? Would they prefer to fly into where the event is held, or meet up with a colleague somewhere nearby first?

Having as detailed a travel itinerary as possible tucked under your belt will help private jet rental providers offer you a fully personalised experience, and they might even make suggestions that can cut out downtime and shorten the length of travel during your trip. As much as we all enjoy the luxury of a private air charter, ultimately the priority is to spend as little time aboard as possible, so let charter brokers like Skyllence do their job by giving them as much information as you can.

Step 2: Think About Your Requirements

Along the same lines as the previous step, when you organise private jet rental you can save a lot of back and forth between you and your jet leasing company by pre-empting the questions they’ll ask and having information on hand.

For example: Are there any dietary requirements if your flight will include a meal? Are your passengers specific about what kinds of in-flight entertainment they might need? What about departure and arrival times – is evening ok? Run through a quick list of questions like these in your head before you charter a private jet to experience time-efficient, instant booking, as there’ll be no need for lengthy discussions as to what you might need.

Step 3: Be Compliant

Along with the things you want from the experience of using elite jet booking through a reputable air charter broker are the things that circumstances demand. You’ve got the luxury interior, the crisp itinerary, the reliability and comfort of the whole corporate jet ensemble – but is your passport valid? The ordinary bureaucratic minutiae of international travel don’t fall away just because of the VIP nature of air charter solutions, and it’s on you to make sure that you – and, if relevant, the person or people you’re booking for – are compliant.

Passport validity is just one facet of this, and the most obvious one at that. Consider the passenger manifest, for example: who exactly will be joining you? Do you need a visa to enter your destination, and, if so, do all passengers have one? Are the passengers of different nationalities – if so, can everyone enter the country where you’ll be landing? Will any of you be carrying anything that might cause complications with a customs declaration?

Asking yourself and your passengers questions like this will smooth out the entire process and make sure that the only thing standing between you and a quick private jet booking experience is the logistical capabilities of the provider you choose. In this case, with Skyllence, that means you’ll be in the air in no time.

Step 4: Contact Skyllence

When you contact your broker, letting them know as soon as possible that this is a priority booking is advisable – after all, you want to make sure that you impress upon them the same sense of urgency as you feel when it comes to organising your private jet services. Swift travel is the result of good communication and sound logistics, and the latter can’t exist without the former.

This means that, although you won’t be coordinating the nitty-gritty of the jet leasing situation and booking runway slots yourself, the way in which you communicate with your executive jet provider directly determines how fast the whole process is able to proceed, so be sure to try and provide as much information as possible to enable time-efficient corporate jet charter services.

That’s not to say that you’ll be left to fend for yourself if you omit any crucial information in the process of putting together business charter services with your air charter broker, however. Top-of-the-line providers like Skyllence stake their reputations on the quality of their aircraft charter services, so they don’t leave anything to chance. If you forget to inform them of anything crucial to your trip, chances are that they’ll prompt you to let them know by asking you directly, but it’s best to let them know yourself just in case.

Step 5: Relax (Almost!)

We’re used to clicking “order” and having that be the end of our interaction with a service provider. Organising professional charter services isn’t as simple as buying a new t-shirt, however, and if you want a rapid service and quick booking you need to stay on the line – literally and metaphorically – to respond to any hiccups that might occur.

By liaising with Skyllence and arranging your urgent booking, you’ve set the wheels and wings in motion on a luxury business charter like no other, and the hard part is largely over with. However, any problems or changing circumstances that might occur – geopolitical events, natural disasters, or simple bureaucracy – can introduce delays if not addressed immediately, and it’s your job to be ready to answer questions that might be thrown up.

For example, if your arrival airport is caught in flooding and can no longer be guaranteed as a destination, Skyllence won’t proceed to change your itinerary without asking first. If you take a week to respond – even though they’ll make repeated attempts to contact you – then there’s always the chance that a delay could occur. Staying on the ball and being ready to give your charter broker the best chance of doing what they do best is a sure-fire way to guarantee your urgent corporate jet services can proceed without a hitch.

Seamless Speed

With this short guide in mind, you’re now ready to access the instant booking services and ultra-high-end quality offered by the world’s best charter providers. Working alongside a broker like Skyllence to put together an elite travel solution, whoever you’re organising a private jet flight flight for, guarantees that you’ll meet your deadlines. At the same time, you’ll be providing a level of comfort, luxury and elegance that bely the expedited nature of the booking process – as Skyllence CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite confirms:

“When clients come to us with last-minute travel plans, it might appear from the outside that we could be tempted to compromise on quality: not so. Whether your flight leaves next year or tomorrow, we commit the same level of focus and determination into making sure it’s the best it can be – not only in terms of logistics, but also in terms of luxury. Our company isn’t just about getting people from A to B, it’s about doing so in a level of comfort that’s beyond what our rivals offer, and we’re proud to be able to provide that through even the most condensed booking process.”