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Trusting a brand like Skyllence with the responsibility of getting you to an elite event with their air charter services seems like a no-brainer. Unfortunately for you, there’s the small matter of the remainder of the trip to organise – if only that could be left up to their private charter logistics departments as well! For those thinking of enlisting them for this year’s PGA Championship, while they can’t sort out everything, there are a few hints and tips that they can offer along the way.

This article will offer a deep dive into the pinnacle of the elite golf calendar, breaking down exactly what makes the culmination of the PGA Tour one of the world’s most renowned luxury golf events and how you can make the most of it. Rest assured, though – whatever you decide, entrusting a private jet charter provider like Skyllence with your golf travel plans means you’ve already made it across the fairway. All that’s left now is for you to putt home for the birdie!

The Background

Affluent golf enthusiasts seeking a premium tournament experience will already be au-fait with the history of elite golf tournaments such as the PGA Championship, but for others it pays to have some facts under your belt to surprise your fellow group aircraft charter travellers. Corporate clients seeking to build potential relationships, for example, might want to impress by pointing out that the tournament was first held in 1916.

Having grown from a somewhat humble national competition to the force in global sport that it now represents, the PGA Championship’s history is one of evolution, and nowhere is that clearer than in the size of the winner’s prize. The event’s first victor, Jim Barnes, received $500 for his efforts in 1916 – a figure which, even when adjusted for inflation, pales in comparison to the $3.15m picked up by Brooks Koepka in 2023!

Unlike other established competitions such as the Masters, which is always held at Augusta, the PGA Championship also moves around frequently, although it has only been held away from the eastern half of the USA 11 times. Given its frequent proximity to New York, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the PGA Championship has developed such a strong reputation as a luxury event in recent years, but what’s really on offer for those attending?


The atmosphere and prestige of attending the PGA Championship has to be experienced to be believed. Witnessing the coming together of the greatest golfers from around the world means that championship tickets can be at a premium, but world-class sporting action awaits for those lucky enough to acquire them.

Attending the PGA Championship isn’t just about witnessing the golf itself, though, and fans of professional golf interested in upscale experiences will find that there’s more than enough to keep them occupied when their eyes are away from the event.

Golf clinics, autograph sessions, and exclusive previews of upcoming kit can make the PGA Championship feel almost like a trade show at times – a no-holds-barred world devoted to golf, where those with an obsession can indulge it to its fullest extent. Being part of this requires no more than simply getting PGA tickets, arriving at the event (which a good charter private jet provider like Skyllence will make trivial) and taking it all in. What better way to spend a few days?


The list of experiences that await elite attendees is enormous. VIP viewing areas, for example, allow superfans to get up close and personal like never before, obtaining a ringside seat to the action that lets them fully appreciate the skill and technique on display from some of the world’s best elite sports starts. If that’s not close enough to pick up tips, why not go even further by meeting the players directly?

A private behind-the-scenes tour involving a meet and greet with players might seem like an impossible dream, but at an elite even like the PGA Championship it’s only a few emails away from being secured. Pair these opportunities with the exceptional facilities and exclusive access areas that are reserved for VIP ticketholders and you’ve got yourself a winning combination for any guest – from golf superfan to complete novice!


With the number of VIPs and HNWIs that descend on the PGA Championship each year via private air charter, it’s little surprise that – wherever it’s held – top-tier hotels and resorts catering specifically to PGA attendees can be found. With 2024’s tournament set to take place in Louisville, Kentucky, 13–19 May, the time is now to trawl those listings and find five-star luxury.

Beyond the potential premises themselves – of which the opulent Grady Hotel or the historical Brown’s, both make great choices for a truly luxury stay – there’s a second element to where you’ll be seeing out the PGA Championship this year: access. Some hotels offer extra provisions through their partnerships with high-end travel agencies and services catering to elite sports events, allowing you extra local knowledge that can otherwise be difficult to secure.

To truly peer behind the curtain, before you book your hotel stay, ask whether there might be any added extras that you could be provided or pointed towards, allowing you to really make the most of your time at the PGA Championship.


With your stay booked and a few elite experiences to look forward to, it’s wise to remember that nobody ever achieved anything on an empty stomach. Thinking about how you want hospitality to be handled at the PGA Championship is wise, as VIP hospitality packages for attendees will be in short supply if left to the last minute.

For example, what size is your group? Do you need a large guest chalet, premium suite, 10-person table, or individual day-by-day tickets? Will you be eating at the event or heading out for gastronomic luxury in-between the action? For corporate clients entertaining larger groups and using this event as the perfect opportunity for business networking and client entertainment in a prestigious setting, the former might be advisable, while for small family groups it might pay to remain a little more agile.

Thinking about the logistics can seem like a bland way of stripping back the excitement that builds in anticipation of attending a legendary event such as this, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, see this as an opportunity to make every aspect – down to the minutiae of what you eat and drink – as luxury as it can be. Once that’s taken care of, the other significant piece of organisation that awaits anyone hoping to attend this year’s PGA Championship, of course, is getting there.

A Hole in One

Whether you’re the most dedicated, detail-oriented planner or a fast-and-loose, seat-of-your-pants type, the approach is the same when it comes to organising private air charter jet travel: contact an air charter broker, let them know what you need, and – quite simply – leave them to it. The most stressful and intricate logistical task that awaits anyone wanting to attend golf championships like the PGA is best left to the experts, and nowhere is that more evident than with elite private jet services like Skyllence.

Not only will their private air charter flights enhance the experience itself by lending an air of luxury, but the elite level of service that their behind-the-scenes planning teams provide also confers convenience, flexibility, and – above all – reliability. This has two key advantages: you get where you need to be, when you need to be there, with no fuss along the way; and you’re guaranteed peace of mind from the moment you first contact them. According to Skyllence CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite, this is why so many clients return to book after experiencing Skyllence aircraft charter services for the first time.

“Repeat customers rarely emphasise the luxury that our aircraft charter solutions provide, as that’s a given on every flight. Instead, what tends to surprise those who have flown via private jet rental before through different providers is the quiet professionalism of what we offer. We do our best to work quietly, without hassling our clients with repeated contact so that they’re free to enjoy the peace of mind that makes our service unique. Will you be next to experience it?”