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This new year, let’s agree on one resolution: don’t accept anything less than the epitome of luxury, convenience and comfort. Flying on a Skyllence private jet charter is the perfect way to ensure that you keep this promise to yourself, but it now falls on you to decide on the perfect destination for your luxury New Year’s party. With almost every major city proclaiming itself the perfect New Year’s Eve destination, what’s a would-be partygoer to do? You can’t attend every glamorous New Year’s celebration bash.

If choice paralysis has you putting the breaks on your New Year’s fun, don’t worry: this article will guide you through a carefully curated list of different options for the perfect New Year’s escape, helping you select the ideal celebration event for your group air charter. Once that’s decided, all that’s left to do is contact Skyllence and then brush up on the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne – it won’t sing itself, after all!

The Classic: New York

Any list that tries to provide an overview of the best destinations for any event invariably includes reference to the Big Apple, and for good reason. Anyone who’s been to New York knows that this city’s reputation as a dynamic, compelling place to be is well-deserved. On New Year’s Eve in particular, though, this sense of there always being something going on gets ramped up to 11 (or 12, eventually).

Possibly the most famous New York event on New Year’s is the ball drop in Times Square, where tens of thousands of revellers congregate to witness the symbolic marking of midnight being reached. This is then followed by an incredible firework display, allowing you to start the New Year with a bang in the most literal sense. If your idea of an elite private charter escape includes taking in arguably the most ubiquitous global New Year’s phenomenon, then head to JFK and give new meaning to that “I ♡ NY” t-shirt gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe.

The Southerner: Sydney

For those in the southern hemisphere, there are few cities as grandiose and replete with spectacle as Sydney. Charter private jet rentals that head past the imposing peaks of the city’s opera house at this time of year do so to take part in celebrations that are unlike those anywhere else on earth. New Year’s celebrations in Sydney are so renowned, in fact, that they even have their own website, complete with a list of the city’s best vantage points and a schedule so that you can be sure you never miss a beat.

If it’s pyrotechnics you’re after, you’ve come to the right place, as Sydney’s New Year’s firework display is right up there with the world’s best. For a champagne toast at 12:01 with a cacophony of noise and a brightly-lit sky above you, there really is no better destination than the Australian capital. The Australians even cover the Harbour Bridge – one of the city’s most enduring emblems – in fireworks for the event, showing exactly what makes Sydney special: this isn’t a New Year’s event that happens to be in Sydney, this is a New Year’s event that incorporates the city, where even the buildings themselves are involved in the fun.

The Exotic Option: Tonga, Samoa, or Kiribati

Those who can’t countenance a private aviation adventure that doesn’t involve tropical paradises and sun-kissed beaches needn’t resign themselves to a New Year’s Eve absent lavish celebrations and midnight toasts. There are places that can satisfy both requirements, offering visitors an island escape that still packs a punch when it comes to the party countdown.

These Pacific islands – often called the Line Islands owing to their location on the international dateline – are amazing year-round destinations for private plane charters because of their unspoilt beauty and stunning natural landscapes. They take on renewed significance at New Year, though, as they’re the first places in the world to welcome in the midnight celebration.

If you head to these Pacific islands, your adventures in a tropical climate whilst everyone else is chilled to the bone will be the envy of your friends back home. Not only that, you’ll also get the smug satisfaction of congratulating them on a happy New Year a few hours early!

Go Big or Go Home: Las Vegas

If your primary concern on New Year’s Eve is the size of the party, then where else but Las Vegas? The casinos that litter the city’s famous strip are the ideal venue for those looking to have air charter services to take them to a place where no indulgence is too far; no desire too debauched. Aside from the relentless hedonists drawn to Las Vegas and catered for by private jet travel year-round, though, there are some unique attractions that the Nevada city offers in this period.

Take Las Vegas’s reputation as the world’s best venue for magic shows and live performances of all kind, for example. Around New Year’s, the huge influx of new visitors spurs this already incredible offering to fresh heights, with everyone from Cirque du Soleil to David Copperfield performing this year. The traditional New Year’s accompaniments are all well-represented in Las Vegas, as one might expect: celebration fireworks, a New Year gala, and toast celebrations in all of the city’s many bars take place, making Las Vegas an attractive option for a range of private jet travellers.

The Upstart: Dubai

In recent years, Dubai has begun to make a reputation for itself by catering to the tastes of Western visitors and offering incredible luxury experiences to elite arrivals. Chartering a private aircraft into this Middle-Eastern paradise has never been easier, as the city broadens its appeal and seeks to attract yet more interest. Dubai’s New Year’s celebrations are the perfect example of this, blending the heritage of the city and region with a modern, Western festival in an alluring and unique way.

It might not surprise potential visitors to learn that this doesn’t come cheap, though, with the city ranked in the world’s 3 most expensive for New Year’s celebrations. However, a glance skyward at the towering skyscrapers and incredible fireworks displays that take place between them will show money well spent – after all, cost doesn’t necessarily correlate with value. The smiles on your family’s faces at midnight as the fireworks go off can’t be bought, but if they could, how much would you say they’re worth? Whatever your answer, Dubai’s grand New Year’s celebration surely falls well under that threshold, making it the perfect destination.

The Exotic Option: Singapore

The final entry on this list is perhaps a little left-field, but the stunning architecture of the city-state of Singapore is jaw-dropping at the best of times. This is never more so than when these buildings are illuminated with the beautiful fireworks displays that make up New Year’s celebrations, creating an unforgettable New Year’s event for private jet arrivals.

Marina Bay – the city’s most famous landmark, where most of the jewels in its crown of unique buildings are located – is the primary venue that plays host to the grand celebrations of New Year’s night, and the epicentre of everything that’s going down when the clock strikes twelve. Revellers here can expect staggering pyrotechnical displays, an incredible celebration atmosphere, and a party that promises to delve deep into the morning of the new year. If you’re chartering a private jet in search of a memorable and unique New Year’s party, Singapore should be high on your list.

One Resolution You’ll Want to Keep

Whichever of the unique New Year’s destinations on this list piques your interest, you’re bound to have an incredible experience. That same level of certainty can be extended to your travel arrangements too, with one simple act: contacting Skyllence and organising private air charter. Their luxurious, comfortable and endlessly flexible solutions enhance any occasion and make any elite escape that little more memorable, but when it comes to a celebration as seismic as New Year’s Eve, then it really is worth going the extra (air) mile.

Skyllence’s CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite, spoke to us to point out exactly what they offer their clients when it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations: “It hardly needs to be said that our private charter flights are replete with luxury and comfort and all stages – from the departure lounge to your arrival back home. Beyond that obvious feature of flying private with us, there’s the endlessly personalised nature of our trips. However specific your requirements, we’re comfortable in catering to them to ensure that you get exactly what you need, and we have the flexibility to be able to suit any schedule. All of these aspects of what we offer combine to make us capable of providing five-star experiences for any client – that must be why our passengers return to book with us again so frequently!”