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Our experience is your

While experience is a wonderful commodity, we also believe that experience accompanied by technical know-how and a dedication to customer service can lead us to even greater heights. In addition to these three admirable attributes, it is also our flexibility across the entire jet charter business that allows us to cater to the exacting needs and demands of our clients right around the world. From choosing the best partners to arranging complex and intricate itineraries, every unique and valued client requirement is at the centre of our team’s focus. Together, with our network of credible and trusted partners, we combine our vast experience and expertise to ensure that our clients become, and remain, our trusted partners.

Part of the Avia Solutions Group

Skyllence is a family member of Avia Solutions Group, leaders in end-to-end capacity solutions for passenger and cargo airlines worldwide. The Group manages over 100 offices and production facilities globally and is significantly backed by the assets of over 9,000 highly skilled aviation professionals, serving more than 2,000 clients throughout Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, and worldwide.

Avia Solutions Group holds more than 500 licenses for its evolutionary range of activities across multiple business sectors. Its vast portfolio of services to clients includes ACMI, charter and cargo aviation, aircraft leasing and trading, MRO services, business aviation and VIP airline procurement, charter and cargo aviation, pilot and crew training, recruitment services, together with multiple complementary services spanning a wide range of associated operations.

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