Group Air Charter

Travelling in a group comes with a uniquely variable set of demands. Thankfully, our specialist team of group jet charter experts has seen and done it all. With years of practical aviation know-how and expertise across multiple sectors, and an established network of eminently qualified worldwide partners, our large group air charter team has continuously ensured that clients reach their destinations in comfort and safety again and again.

From corporate events and global summits, special missions, repatriation and evacuation flights to exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, and crew rotations in the oil, gas, and other industries, our broad experience can guarantee that we meet every unique client demand. You simply choose the schedule, the itinerary, and any other requirement to match your group private jet charter needs – on the ground, or in the air – and let us do the rest.

Always going the extra mile

Whatever you might need to enhance your group charter flight experience, we guarantee to go the extra mile to make it happen.

Whatever you might need to enhance your group charter flight experience, we guarantee to go the extra mile to make it happen. From meet-and-greet airport representation and check-in assistance to customised menus and corporate branding – name tags to full aircraft livery – we can connect the dots to help make sure that your complete private group flight experience is much more than just getting your people from where they are to where they need to be.

While other brokers might sell flights, we offer an entire customer-focused and holistic group plane charter experience from start to finish. And, even with our vast and far-reaching experience, we know that there is always more to learn and greater goals to achieve, so why not tell us what we can do for you and your private jet group charter and let us do the rest.

Corporate Travel
Air Charter

Mobility for your business success

If travel solutions are part of your company’s success strategy, the Skyllence corporate travel air charter team can provide the perfect solutions every time to get your team where they need to be. Regardless of how challenging your corporate jet hire requirements might seem, we can help provide the ultimate solution to suit your needs. From light aircraft and small corporate jets to larger corporate aircraft charters, our team is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and know-how to seamlessly coordinate your team’s travel globally.

We know that your teams travel for multiple reasons, including corporate events, international exhibitions, MICE, trade shows, board meetings, face-to-face representation, and customer entertainment but whatever the reason, we can provide a comprehensive range of corporate jet types to get your team there and back in comfort and safety. Regardless of your destination, your point of departure, or the size of your group, talk to our corporate travel air charter experts and let them help you find the perfect solution for you.

Government Air Charter

Meeting your international travel needs

Often unpredictable and usually of vital importance, government charter flights need to be handled by ultimate professionals in a timely and super-efficient manner. At Skyllence, we can provide the solutions to get government, NGO, and even military personnel where they are needed, on time, on budget, and in comfort. From diplomatic tours or international engagements to large-scale personnel evacuation or repatriation, we can put all the wheels in motion with a private plane charter for government personnel anywhere in the world.

When time is of the essence, we can assist with all the necessary permits for overflight, landing, and diplomatic clearance whatever the destination. Plus, we can cater to all aspects of your government charter flight, from on-the-ground transport to specialist catering

Sports Air Charter

Sport group charters to keep you in the game

Skyllence air charter for sports ensures that teams, backroom staff, management, and supporters can travel in style and comfort and be ready to hit the ground running on arrival, anywhere in the world. Our dedicated sporting events charter manager can organise every step of your journey, from on-the-ground transport to nutritious meals in the air. We have access to a huge range of elegantly configured sports team private jets that can ensure that your teams, sports stars, directors, and sponsors will arrive rested and ready for action.

Whether your sport is international or club football, rugby, basketball, athletics, or any other high-performance discipline, Skyllence can provide the most suitable and comfortable aircraft, anywhere in the world for your sports charter travel. Our expert team’s proven track record can help guide you and plan your entire itinerary from the moment you make the first contact. Plus, we are committed to the privacy of your sports teams and athletes and can help assure that their arrivals and departures are handled discreetly and away from the public eye. Sports team charter travel can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Leave all of the arrangements to us, and your stars will shine like they ought to.

Music And Entertainment Air Charter

Take to the stage in style and comfort

Whether you are organising a private jet world tour or a one-off stage appearance Skyllence charter for music tours can get you and your team of performers there in style and comfort. We know what it means for professionals to arrive at their destination feeling healthy, relaxed, and ready to give the performance of a lifetime. That’s why our specialist music and entertainment team can organise even the tiniest of details to ensure your show is pitch-perfect every time.

Let us take care of the details making even the most complex itineraries run without a hitch. We will get your performers – solo, orchestras, VIPs, or entire entourage – and their equipment to the destination without stress or worry. World tour, movie event, or a one-time-only performance, preparing a dedicated plane for hire is easy with Skyllence. Every detail is taken care of exactly as you want it!

MICE Air Charter

Global events air charter

Our specialist meetings, incentives, conferences, and events air charter team at Skyllence know exactly what it takes to create a seamless and memorable travel experience for you and your teams. No matter the location of your product launch, annual board meeting, team-building exercise, or international exhibition, we have the expertise to cover every angle, from the tiniest details to multiple destination flights. Our experienced MICE and events group charter travel team can answer all your questions and put your mind at ease that everything will be organised from start to finish.

As part of your MICE events group charter, we provide everything you might need, from airport representation, custom catering options, onboard corporate branding to entire aircraft livery options. Whether you and your team are travelling for an important industry summit, a new product market launch, an international conference, or an incentive trip for your entire team, make sure that nothing gets overlooked by talking to expert MICE and special events charter team today.

Oil And Gas Air Charter Services

Supporting the oil and gas industries worldwide

We fully understand that the oil and gas industries are run with strict attention to detail and precision in every aspect. That’s why we are your perfect partner to provide aircraft charters for both personnel and your oil and gas cargo. Charter flights for the oil and gas industry can often be urgent and come with multiple complicated demands. At Skyllence, we have the perfect backup team to help you move your people and your goods whenever and wherever they’re needed. We can meet and exceed all your demands, thanks to our teams’ vast experience in a highly demanding industry.

Time sensitivity and adherence to deadlines mean that the oil and gas air charter is subject to last-minute demands and plan changes. For that reason, having the support of a hugely versatile team of professionals means you’ll never have to worry about a thing when it comes to transporting your people and your cargo. Whether you are moving your key personnel from one place to another, rotating staff rosters, facilitating site visits by management, moving urgently needed equipment, crew evacuation, or any other reasons, Skyllence air charter for the oil and gas industries has you covered all the way.

Automotive Air Charter

Adding the luxury touch to your product launch

After years of development and production, launching a new product to the global market can be critical for its success – every detail should be managed to perfection. We excellently handle minute details, which remove all the uncertainty from your flight arrangements for key personnel, media representatives, partners, guests, and prospective customers, regardless of your itinerary’s complexity or distance.

We will find the unique solution and the perfect aircraft for hire to match your needs and ensure your guests arrive in style, comfort, and on-time – sticking to all safety regulations one hundred percent. With COVID-secure aircraft, we can ensure your key personnel stays safe while avoiding long queues in crowded airport terminals and remove the inconvenience of multiple stopovers associated with scheduled airline flights. We can even provide a fully branded aircraft experience to ensure that you, your team, and your guests have a truly memorable experience.

We take care of you so you can take care of your business.

Special Missions

Emergency flights without the worry

Having both the ability and the flexibility to perform in any situation is what makes us stand out from our competitors. Special mission charters are all unique and require clear, concise solutions to the variables they present. From repatriation flights, whether during a global pandemic, a natural disaster, or personal emergencies, finding the exact solution is where we excel. Our experienced personnel ensures that we can provide the right aircraft and get it to its target destination quickly, and efficiently.

In special mission situations, we have the hands-on experience to successfully navigate even the most unpredictable of scenarios, whether that happens to be a medical emergency or the urgent extraction of your workers or teams from a sensitive or life-threatening event. Our extensive global aviation network ensures that we can reach out to help you wherever you may be.