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Milan Fashion Week, a bi-annual celebration of the world’s best fashion designers, will next be held from 20 to 24 February 2024, with designer travel and the jet-set lifestyle making up cornerstones of the experience. If you’ve ever dreamt of seeing the esteemed catwalks that this legendary fashion event is renowned for in person, there’s no better way to do so than through bespoke travel.

But what makes Milan Fashion Week so special? Who will you be rubbing shoulders with while you’re there? And what does the private jet charter experience actually entail?

This article will answer all of these questions and more, clearing up any confusion and leaving you in pole position for a VIP travel experience that you’ll never forget.

Who Attends?

When you jet set off to an elite event, you’d expect that the kinds of people you’d bump into would be similarly exclusive. You’d be right. During fashion week, the VIP terminal of Milan Malpensa Airport will be positively buzzing with luxury charter flights from around the world, carting in all kinds of elite clientele all taking part in this esteemed celebration of haute couture.

Fashion designers, models, and their entourages

It goes without saying that the models who will be gracing the city’s catwalks throughout the week need to arrive somehow, and what form of travel befits the elegance and grace of the people who make this event so iconic if not a private jet?

It’s not just the models themselves that will be making a splash come Milan Fashion Week, though, as they would be nothing without the creative geniuses behind the outfits that they exhibit. All of this is then propped up by a small army of support staff, friends, family and other entourage members, meaning that if you’re hoping to rub shoulders with some of the world’s best-known fashion models, there might be a crowd to get through!

HNWIs and VIPs interested in fashion

Elite events such as the Milan Fashion Week bring out the cream of high society, parking their private jets and joining in the fun. Public figures, heads of industry, and even celebrities (whether from the fashion world or otherwise) can all be spotted in abundance here. This makes the event a great way to meet like-minded individuals, network, or even go autograph hunting if you’re so inclined – just keep it casual, unlike the outfits!

Fashion journalists, influencers, and bloggers

For those whose profession involves presenting their life as a constant highlight reel, the chance to make an appearance at an event like this (and even stage a few ‘candid’ and ‘accidental’ photo opportunities here and there) is invaluable. Projecting a lifestyle of luxury is even easier when arriving via private jet, they’ll just have to make sure to have the cameras ready to see them disembark!

Meeting your favourite influencers at events like these is easy, as the tight confines of some of the week’s more intimate fashion shows force a sense of camaraderie between attendees. Perhaps you’re even an aspiring e-celebrity yourself, in which case there’s no better way to build your profile and enhance your image than being spotted next to someone at the top of their game – and a few private jet snaps on the Instagram feed will go a long way, too.

What Makes it so Important?

To outsiders, Milan Fashion Week might seem like just another opportunity for designers to show off their wares, albeit on a slightly more esteemed stage. However, for an indication as to why elite access to this event is so important for so many (and why private jets litter the skies around Milan twice a year), we have to look ahead.

The looks and fits that make their debut at this time of year will echo forward into the coming months, being seen at premieres, galas, and other elite events around the world. Only those in the know, or those who attended Milan Fashion Week, will know exactly where their inspiration came from, and in some cases will even be able to pinpoint exactly which designers first bore their ideas.

Milan Fashion Week enables a glimpse into the future for attendees, then, letting them steal a march on forthcoming trends by seeing them in their early stages. Truly fashion-conscious attendees will not only be networking and having a good time here, but might also be taking a mental note of any inspiration they pick up to truly cement their image going forward.

What Actually Happens?

Like any other fashion show, Milan Fashion Week obviously features a number of catwalks and exhibitions. Beyond the ordinary activities, though, this is a fashion week like no other. Afterparties, shopping tours, charity galas – when there are elite clientele in attendance and a city as beautiful and exciting as Milan as a setting, the list of potential events is endless.

Elevating your experience during Milan Fashion Week is as easy as looking for something a little extra – whether gastronomic, cultural, or otherwise. A simple rule of thumb for those looking to be surprised by the variety of things to do is as follows: say yes to anything – what’s the worst that could happen?

Getting There

The problem

The main selling points of Milan Fashion Week are also its biggest drawbacks. This is a world-renowned event that brings together tens of thousands of attendees, condensing them into a small area in search of refined luxury. From a logistical point of view, this is a nightmare. Packed airports, hectic flights, and a schedule that doesn’t align with the events you want to see await anyone who opts to attend Milan Fashion Week via commercial travel.

The solution

The benefits of a private charter experience, then, are obvious, presenting solutions to all of these problems. Passing through the VIP terminal in which your private jet lands avoids the crowds; controlling the passenger manifest means a stress-free experience; and when you hire a private jet, you instruct the charter broker exactly when you want to land – not the other way around.

The perks of private aviation aren’t confined to the realm of logistics, though – this is a luxury event, after all. The high-end, luxury ethos of Milan Fashion Week seeps out of every pore, from the quality of the furnishings inside the venues to the outfits themselves. To live up to this billing, you need to travel in style with an exclusive experience that echoes this level of luxury, and there are no better exponents of that standard than elite private jet brokers like Skyllence.

Beyond luxury and logistical ease, there’s one final element of private jet travel that makes it the perfect accompaniment for Milan Fashion Week attendees: personalisation. The experience of securing elite access to a VIP event is, by its very nature, different for everyone, and throws up a whole range of unique challenges and requirements. To ensure that your needs are met – however specific they may be – you need an elite private jet travel provider capable of accommodating them; you need Skyllence.

A Safe Bet

To underline just what makes Skyllence uniquely capable of providing tailored solutions for VIP guests attending events like Milan Fashion Week, we spoke to Skyllence CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite:

“When clients book private charter jet solutions through us, they do so on the basis of our reputation for adaptability and luxury. We’ve catered to all kinds of clients with all kinds of needs, and are yet to encounter a demand that we can’t accommodate. It’s this that sets us apart – along with the unrivalled luxury of our private jet solutions, of course! If you’re an elite passenger looking for a provider that knows what it takes to cater for those looking to get the most out of attending a special event, we’ve got you covered. Contact us and we’ll take care of the rest – it’s what we do best, after all!”

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