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If you’re looking for something that incorporates luxury travel, cultural experiences and a sense of adventure, look no further. Camel racing creates some of the world’s most unique sporting events, and their spiritual home on the Arabian Peninsula is an area replete with luxury. This makes private jet charter arrival not only possible, but positively expected in this area of the world. Where else can you take part in Bedouin culture, desert travel, and VIP experiences all within a stone’s throw of one another?

If you’re an adventure travel aficionado with a taste for unique experiences and equestrian sports, this is surely one to tick off the bucket list, but which of these exclusive events will you attend for a privileged glimpse into Middle Eastern culture? Thankfully, this article is here to give you an overview of your options. We’ll take a look over the world’s best camel races and spectator sports in this area, even ranging beyond the Arabian Peninsula at times. Once you’ve decided which event to attend, we’ll break down the advantages of private jet rental with Skyllence to get you in the heart of the action in style. Let’s get into it!

Dubai Camel Racing Festival

Part of the wider Al Marmoom Heritage Festival, Dubai Camel Racing Festival takes place in spring each year. Exact dates are hard to come by, but it’s a safe bet to plan around February/March for next year’s event if you’re keen on attending something that incorporates wider aspects of Arabic heritage into the tradition of camel racing.

While Bedouin culture is fully on display here, that’s not to say the events are confined to the past. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth: as an example, the camel jockeys who compete are actually small remote-controlled robots, demonstrating just how cutting-edge racing technology has become!

If you’re looking for a premium travel experience that takes in a high-end event where sporting excitement, cultural experiences and luxury accommodation are provided in equal measure, look no further than the Dubai Camel Racing Festival next spring: a truly unique experience that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

King Abdulaziz Camel Festival

Like the previous festival in Dubai, this Saudi Arabian event keeps one eye on the rich heritage and traditions of the region that supplement the racing camels themselves. Moreover, luxury private jet charter into Saudi Arabia is commonplace, and corporate hospitality is a way of life here, meaning that anyone who attends this festival via an elite travel provider like Skyllence does so with a guarantee of quality.

The blend between luxury international travel and ancient traditions and heritage is an equilibrium emblematic of the wider middle east in the 21st century, and this tournament is a great way to straddle that contrast. Luxury, a personalised service at every turn, customised travel and a deep dive into some serious history – what’s not to love?

The Camel Cup and the Camel Derby

The Australian outback might seem a strange place to hold a camel race, but consider that the country has the world’s largest population of the animal and it suddenly makes sense. Alice Springs, a town in the Northern Territory, has hosted the Camel Cup since 1970, with next year’s event set to take place in April. The Camel Derby, by contrast, is one of those long-distance endurance races that draws out the very best from man and beast alike.

The far removal from the spiritual home of the camel means that these are events without the cultural heritage of the other entrants on this list, but don’t let that put you off: not only is there serious action on display, but also the unique brand of Aussie humour and a sense of fun for all involved. What better way to see these beautiful creatures in action (camels that is, not Aussies!)?

Bikaner Camel Festival

We now turn to India, where the Bikaner Camel Festival takes place every January. If the first two events were a blend of racing and heritage, and the previous two were focused on the action, this is a far more cultural – even spiritual – affair. Traditional Indian practices such as a camel procession take place, with the animals venerated and adorned in beautiful jewellery. There’s also a pageant, wrestling competitions, and much more to get involved in, all tied together by two things: a celebration of camels, and incredible Indian food, of course!

If you’re looking to experience this unique event with friends or family, group travel via a private jet flight is the perfect method of arrival. The personalised experience provided by any high-end private jet company, such as Skyllence, will have you arriving refreshed and ready to soak up some cultural experiences, and their best-in-class logistics department sees to it that you arrive at the perfect moment and don’t miss a beat. Anyone who’s done it before knows one simple truth: private jet aviation really is the best way to see the world!

Pushkar Camel Fair

Staying in India for the moment, the Pushkar Camel Fair really is where it’s at. The bigger brother of Bikaner’s smaller, more quaint and traditional camel proceedings, Pushkar sees over 200,000 visitors attend every year. While camels are the main focus of attention – as the name suggests – there are hump-less animals here too: from sheep and goats to horses, speaking to the fair’s history as an event for livestock trading.

The modern Pushkar Fair has grown beyond its humble beginnings to now be a global event on a staggering scale, replete with cultural traditions, unique events, and a host of bizarre occurrences. At one end of the scale there are is the healthy representation of camel races, with hundreds to choose from over the days that the event takes place. At the other end of the spectrum there’s the “longest moustache competition”. With just a few months until the event is held in November, you’d better get growing!

The President’s Cup and the Camel Trekking Challenge

If all of this heritage is a little much for you and you’d rather a purely sporting affair, where equestrian excellence is on show and the camels really let you know what they’re capable of, then there are two international camel races to consider: the President’s Cup and the Camel Trekking Challenge. As the names might imply, the former is a sprint and the latter a marathon, leaving your choice open when it comes to what kind of event you’d prefer to spectate.

If a high-octane charge to the finish sounds like something you’d enjoy, then the President’s Cup, held annually in Abu Dhabi, is the perfect sporting spectacle, offering the promise of drama and scenes like nowhere else on earth. Alternatively, the Camel Trekking Challenge is the peak of endurance racing in equestrian sports, seeing competitors range across the Moroccan Desert and pushing themselves and their camels to the limit. Whichever of these two events you choose to attend, you’re certain of sporting excellence, famous middle eastern hospitality, and a luxury travel experience like no other – provided you fly with Skyllence, of course!

Getting Over the Hump

Now that you’re armed with information on the world’s best camel racing events and festivals, you’re ready to decide on where your private jet charter will be heading. Soaking up culture and heritage? Learning about tradition? Or simply enjoying some high-octane racing action? The choice is yours, but don’t let your experience be compromised by sub-standard chartered jet providers. Instead, let a safe pair of hands take care of your travel arrangements and guarantee that your trip is perfect in every way: choose Skyllence.

The flexibility, convenience and comfort of the private jet charter solutions that they’re famous for need no introduction, but just for those of us who aren’t industry experts that are well aware of their stellar reputation, we spoke to Skyllence CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite.

“No matter where your VIP experiences take you, we’re always able to provide the same reliable, high-quality service as standard. Sometimes, people mistakenly assume that exotic, far-flung locales will inevitably entail compromises with transport. Not so. When we take you somewhere – anywhere – we do so in style, with luxury, comfort, and a red-carpet affair guaranteed. Not only that, but we also look after the less glamourous details that other providers might overlook: reliability, flexibility, and good-old-fashioned hard work on the part of our logistics operators, who make sure that you get exactly where you need to be.”

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