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The Davos World Economic Forum is a legendary event where captains of industry and representatives of the world’s largest companies convene to shape the global business agenda. Because time is a commodity beyond value for those heading to the World Economic Forum, only the comfort, flexibility and convenience of private jet charter will do.

This article will break down the benefits of private charter flights for those attending this global economic forum, highlighting what makes them such an attractive option and showcasing exactly what world-class jet service providers like Skyllence can offer. Once that’s established, we’ll look at the steps you need to take to ensure you’re able to access luxury jet charter services when you head off to the World Economic Forum.

The Benefits of Flying Private


It might seem self-evident that private jet rental is more convenient than boarding a business-class seat on a commercial flight – if only because when you hire a private jet you’re in control of the departure and arrival destinations. Unpick this detail a little further, though, and the key advantage that the convenience of private jet hire offers soon becomes apparent: time.

If you control the departure and arrival times, you’re able to schedule your flights around your own calendar, and can thus travel without postponing meetings or missing important working hours. The streamlined check-in, boarding and disembarking procedures that accompany private flight also shave valuable hours off your total journey time, making executive jet charter the ideal choice for on-the-go professionals headed to the Davos forum.


The idea of customising your private air charter exactly as you see fit ties into the notion of convenience, but deserves separate mention in itself. If you read the above and think it sounds like you, there are further accommodations that can be made to support truly on-the-go teams and individuals.

Let’s say you’re heading to the World Economic Forum with a small team who are involved in time-critical work that can’t be suspended for the duration of a flight – especially if you’re heading in from further overseas. Group air charter that utilises the flexibility and adaptability of providers like Skyllence can easily enable work during transit, with reliable wifi access and spacious workstations ensuring that not a moment of time is lost to travel.

Group charter flights can also be a great opportunity to strategise and brainstorm pre-event, with the confined space of a business jet charter allowing you and your team to work through any last-minute foibles relating to how you intend to approach the forum. This has the added benefit of ensuring that nobody can hide from the meeting beforehand – and they can hardly sneak away half way through either!


Anyone who’s ever managed a team will know that people perform better when they’re well looked-after. Relaxed, well-fed and de-stressed World Economic Forum participants perform better, are more receptive and achieve lasting results in comparison to frazzled, dishevelled attendees. If you’re leading a team, a sure-fire way to guarantee that they put their best foot forward is to travel via large group charter on a luxury business jet with Skyllence, where every need is accommodated and a red-carpet experience comes as standard.

The comfort of luxury jet charter not only guarantees that you and your team are best-prepared to take on the challenges that the World Economic Forum can pose, but also allows you to reward hard-working staff members with unparalleled indulgence. Private air charter to attend corporate events is, as its primary function, a question of logistics and practicality, but that doesn’t stop it from doubling as a luxury for those who deserve it!

Attending the World Economic Forum in Davos

With the mode of transport decided, there are a few things to be aware of when it comes to private air charter to the World Economic Forum.


The closest airport to Davos for large, international charters is Zurich – 148 km away from the event itself. This means a car-ride to the centre or, in keeping with the theme of private air charter, a short helicopter journey to connect.

An alternative in this regard is Samedan St Moritz at just 66km away, but the altitude of this alpine airport makes planning arrival troublesome in the event of inclement weather. Better to plan on Zurich, then, to make certain your arrival – there are plenty of worse places to be!


The 2024 World Economic Forum is scheduled to take place from the 15th to the 19th of January, leaving plenty of time for you to arrange your diary. In the meantime, consider how you’d like to approach attending via your executive jet charter. Will you arrive on the morning of the 15th? Land the night before to ensure you’re fully rested ahead of the event? Maybe even head in a few days earlier for short a pre-forum break in beautiful Zurich? The choice is yours, and when you’ve got the flexibility of private jet charter on your side, making it a reality is as simple as informing your provider.

Choosing a charter private jet provider

That brings us to the final aspect of attending the World Economic Forum via air charter – the actual charter itself. If you’re intent on experiencing some of the features of high-end luxury jet charter that make up this article, it will occur to you that not everyone is capable of providing them. Some lack flexibility, others are inexperienced, and yet more might not be able to accommodate the kinds of luxury that you expect.

Step forward Skyllence. With their team of dedicated and highly experienced logistics experts, they’re able to ensure that any demand is met – however unorthodox it might seem. The attention to detail that’s put into every private aviation solution they provide ensures no client leaves dissatisfied, and has seen them transport passengers to a myriad of varying events around the globe.

If you’re attending the World Economic Forum in Davos next year, they’re the logical choice to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and your trip is the best it can be – but why take my word for it when you can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth?

“Business travel via executive jet is one of the core pillars of our business” says Skyllence CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite. “Helping companies around the world attend exclusive events such as the World Economic Forum can be challenging, but we’re confident in our ability to add value to their trips – whether through the luxury of our in-flight experience or the flexibility with which we approach business jet charter. If you’ve got unique requirements, need a steady hand, or simply want to ensure that your trip is as luxurious as can be, then we’re eager to hear from you and can’t wait to begin working together!”

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