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Coachella is one of the world’s most famous music festivals, and hundreds of thousands flock to the Colorado Desert in mid-April every year to take part. Whether seeing some of the best live acts in the business, being part of unique art installations, or simply showing off the pinnacle of festival fashion, Coachella draws a diverse crowd all united in the desire to let their hair down.

For those who want to take part but are less enthusiastic about the mud and dust, there are a number of key luxury options that can allow you to elevate stay your while still experiencing everything that Coachella has to offer. Luxury camping, VIP lounges, exclusive events… the list goes on, so sit back and let this article guide you through your options for a truly elite Coachella.

Where to stay

If you’re discounting the notion of sleeping on the back seat of a car or cramming yourself into a tiny tent out of hand (and who could blame you), then you might think that that limits your options when it comes to getting your head down after a solid day’s partying. Not so: at Coachella, there are a range of luxury VIP accommodation options available to suit any budget, group size, and need.

VIP Lodges

The “Lake Eldorado” area of the Coachella map is furnished with a number of pre-erected wooden lodges – tent-like structures with windows, lockable doors and a larger, roomier interior. These are perfect for those looking for somewhere easy and straightforward but with a little extra luxury, as they’re situated right in the heart of the action. If rolling out of bed and seeing the acts within seconds sounds like your idea of luxury, look no further.

Safari Camping

Ratcheting the level of luxury up a notch, the safari camping option at Coachella includes fully air-conditioned facilities, furnished interiors and a private campground away from the more raucous areas. Don’t worry about getting to and from the action, though – safari campground stays come with golf cart transportation between events, leaving you free to save your energy for the show!

Hotel Solutions

If you’re part of a larger party – perhaps a corporate hospitality group or luxury family getaway – then you may be better served by staying in one of the many luxury hotels that line the valley. Here you can expect all of the usual amenities that elite hotels offer, paired with dedicated shuttle services to get you to and from the action on time and ensure that you never miss a beat.

What to do

The VIP Coachella experience differs from that offered to regular ticketholders in a number of ways ensuring that your stay encompasses elite events which really pack a punch. VIP ticketholders are afforded access to a number of secluded respites, offering speciality food and drink vendors, air-conditioned and shaded areas, and bars that promise a less hectic experience.


Those who choose to elevate their stay by purchasing VIP tickets will, in short, have front-row seats to all the action. That means the best viewing angle for the Coachella lineup, VIP access to the various arts festivals that take place during the event, and prime position to have their festival outfits snapped and featured on the official Instagram page! While the specific acts that will feature are yet to be revealed, rumours are swirling around Beyoncé, The Weeknd, and Billie Eilish. Whoever lines up in the end, though, one thing’s for sure: Coachella 2024 promises to raise the bar yet again.


Coachella isn’t just about the music, though, and there’s a second lineup to consider for those who are looking to be inspired: the artists in residence. For 2024, the festival’s curators have scoured the globe to find some of the most vibrant, exciting and innovative creators to help make the space in which the festival is held unique. Arrive, enjoy, and leave inspired – what better way to spend a weekend?


There are a number of high-end VIP experiences on offer for those who truly want to seize the moment and create lasting memories at Coachella. The “Outstanding In The Field” package, for example, adds gastronomic genius to an already packed weekend, with a “full-course” meal provided in luxury surroundings and prepared by a lineup of “celebrated chefs”.

For those ultra-eager festivalgoers looking to get as close to the action as possible – and perhaps even meet and greet some of the acts – Coachella doesn’t offer a specific route. Where there’s a will (and a sufficiently large wallet) there’s a way, though, so contacting the festival directly would be the best way of putting something truly unique together for an unforgettable Coachella VIP experience.

Getting There

Of course, the very action of rocking up at a festival can be a hotly contested topic. Sitting in miles-long tailbacks for hours upon arrival might not be the ideal festival experience for some, so rest assured: there are ways to beat the crowds.

Flying from afar

If you’re all set to make your Coachella visit as sumptuous a luxury experience as possible, there’s really only one option for international travel: private air charter. By making use of the services of a bespoke provider like Skyllence, you ensure elite luxury alongside best-in-class logistics, elevating your experience while at the same time removing the stress of organising travel plans from the equation.

The benefits of an elite private travel provider aren’t confined to the in-flight experience, though: not only will they provide stunning private aviation solutions, they’re also able to liaise with on-the-ground teams to secure a crowd-skipping transfer from your point of arrival right into your VIP accommodation. This door-to-door transportation will alleviate any anxieties, leaving you free to focus on the festival looks that you’ll be debuting on arrival!

The High Life

Lending a little extra stardust to experiences that are already memorable is a difficult business, and many often find that their expectations aren’t met when they’re looking to elevate a trip. At Coachella, the range of different options enables festivalgoers to get exactly what they want – whether a premium camping experience, secluded luxury, or a five-star hotel. The same is true of the experiences on offer. For some, a separate area to cool off between shows is enough of a taste of luxury, while others want to experience everything to the fullest.

Whatever the nature of your Coachella experience, elevating it by attending via a Skyllence private air charter is one place in which there can be no compromise. Every client that Skyllence works with receives the same level of luxury, the same dedicated service, and the same custom-built approach to their elite travel solution, as Skyllence CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite explains:

“Here at Skyllence, we work with all sorts of clients with all kinds of requirements. Business trips, family holidays, elite getaways… whatever the nature of our passengers’ journey, we always work to the same exacting standards of quality. While no two trips are alike, as we offer bespoke experiences to each and every client and then tailor their journey accordingly, they all have one thing in common: elite service and red-carpet luxury throughout.”

Before you head to Coachella this festival season, be sure to contact Skyllence and set in stone a VIP experience like no other to complement what promises to be an unforgettable event.

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