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Private jet charter and luxury gastronomy go hand-in-hand, but what kinds of epicurean adventures await?

Few features of the luxury lifestyle are as appealing as the idea of hiring a private jet to experience the very best haute cuisine that the world has to offer. With so much choice for the would-be culinary travel aficionado, questions emerge. Where to go? What to order? Who to fly with?

Answering the latter question is simple enough: private jet hire is a complex industry that requires special attention to detail and a wealth of experience, all of which Skyllence have in spades. Flying with them guarantees a convenient, flexible and high-quality luxury travel solution that’s sure to complement your culinary endeavours.

As for the first two questions, we can’t decide for you, but hopefully the remainder of this article will spur some ideas into motion that see you book a private jet and attend some of the most exclusive festivals in the gourmet world.

Maine Lobster Festival

Where? Rockland, Maine, New England, a small fishing town on the north-east coast of the United States.

When? 2–6 August 2023 – right in the middle of lobster season, naturally.

What to eat? Lobster, in all its forms. Lobster rolls, lobster tails drowned in butter, even lobster goujons are all perfect ways to celebrate this luxury ingredient right next to the sea in which it was caught.

What to do? When your luxury flights land, there are cooking contests, live bands, and even the crate race – a frantic sprint along a jetty made of lobster crates. Because of the relatively short duration of this festival, private jet arrivals are the perfect way to guarantee taking part as their flexibility, convenience, and direct arrival come to the fore.

Hawaii Food and Wine Festival

Where? Three places: Kaanapali, Maui; the Island of Hawaii; and Oahu.

When? The three locations of the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival see the event take place over three dates: 13–15 October; 20–21 October; and 2–5 November. This gives you ample time to hire a private jet and plenty of options to fit culinary travel into a busy calendar.

What to eat? The emphasis here is on local wine and produce, but there are also a range of unique dishes that are worth sampling. Saimin, the country’s national dish, is a noodle broth with shrimp, pork and eggs – a must-try!

What to do? This is a truly high-end event, with luxury yachts in attendance as commonly as private jets. This means that luxury tastes are amply catered for, including golf, yoga, art exhibitions and spas. If you have elite interests and want to combine them with culinary travel, charter private jet flights to Hawaii for the food and wine festival with Skyllence.

Alba White Truffle Festival

Where? The small town of Alba, between Turin and Genoa in North-Western Italy.

When? This festival takes place every weekend from 8 October to 4 December, meaning it fits in around even the busiest of calendars. The flexibility and convenience of private jet travel might not seem necessary here, but are you really going to trust the fate of your luxury truffles to the baggage handlers at home?

What to eat? Grated over local pasta, shaved on top of a crisp pizza, or even as part of a ravishing sauce over a freshly grilled steak, the truffles of this region are renowned the world over. Part of their appeal – apart from their astonishing taste – is their versatility, meaning that if you pick up some produce here it’s sure to enhance your cooking for a long time to come.

What to do? Cooking classes, taste workshops, markets and educational sessions surrounding the folklore of truffles complement the produce itself, making the Alba White Truffle Festival the go-to for those who fancy themselves as somewhat of a chef. Luxury private jets arrive here carrying VIPs with refined palates who appreciate the subtleties of flavour that these rare ingredients provide.


Where? Munich, the capital of the Bavaria region in southern Germany.

When? The clue’s in the name: obviously, Oktoberfest is held in … September! From 16 September to 3 October, to be more precise, meaning you’ve got over two weeks to drink your fill (if you can last that long!).

What to eat? The focus here is more on the drinking of beer, with an incredible number of unique local brewers offering all sorts of new tastes. To line the stomach, look to local delicacies such as Bratwurst or Currywurst – perfect to soak up all that alcohol!

What to do? Far from being only an extended drinking session, ther are also fairground rides (a risk with a bellyful of Bavarian beer), strongman events, and souvenir stalls at Oktoberfest. In truth, the event is essentially a giant carnival with a staggering number of varieties of alcohol on offer, making private jet flights – with their refined sense of luxury and comfort – the perfect bookend to this debauched celebration!

La Tomatina

Where? Buñol, near Valencia, north-eastern Spain.

When? Very specifically, this event is held on Wednesday, 30 August. This means you need a method of travel that’s as precise as it is reliable – private jet charters, anyone?

What to eat? Tomatoes! Let this be a warning: if you don’t like them, don’t visit. You’re likely to end up with plenty of tomatoes in your stomach, as well as all over your face and clothes, in your hair, in your eyes…

What to do? Throw tomatoes at each other! Although the origins of the event are murky, what is obvious is that it involves throwing as many tomatoes at each other as possible. It’s infantile, it’s not very refined, and it’s incredibly good fun. Hosing yourself down before heading back inside your private jet is recommended – wouldn’t want to stain that luxury interior!

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Where? Melbourne, a thriving city on the south coast of Australia.

When? The climate in the southern hemisphere sees this festival usually take place in March, meaning 2023’s affair is now out of reach. For those with an eye on long-term planning, though, next year’s event will run on 22–31 March, leaving you plenty of time to contact Skyllence and organise charter services.

What to eat? In short, anything! Melbourne itself is an eclectic mix due to immigration and its welcoming environment, and the city’s food scene is no different. Pizza, Asian influences, western cuisine, Thai and SEA cooking, Indian dishes, along with Polynesian and Pacific island food are all on show, meaning that any palate will be satisfied. For a truly authentic Australian taste, every gourmet traveller should try good old vegemite on toast at least once!

What to do? This is not just a food festival – local artists, musicians, writers and creatives of all kinds make it their home for the week. After arriving by private jet charter services, get involved, contribute, or simply experience the event and soak up what’s on offer. One thing’s for sure: there’s no food festival quite like Melbourne anywhere else on earth, so whatever you do make sure to dive in head first and make the most of it!

More than a mouthful

Whether you’re looking for refined elegance on a Hawaiian beach, a lobster roll in the harsh Atlantic wind, or a handful of tomatoes thrown in your face, the food festivals of the world have everything to offer to the intrepid culinary traveller. The fact that these events are so often dictated by the whims of natural harvests and the availability of produce can make attending difficult, requiring flexibility, reliability, and convenience in equal measure.

Step forward Skyllence, with private jet rentals that can be trusted to provide the perfect partner for your epicurean adventures. Not only are you able to secure your attendance, but you also do so in the lap of luxury and with private jet services that are the envy of the industry. They’re even experts at private jet catering, meaning your culinary experience can start just after take-off and you can truly travel gourmet in every sense of the word!

“The precision of our private jet charter solutions allows us to help clients attend even the most awkward culinary festivals and events” says Vilma Vaitiekunaite, CEO of Skyllence. “Where traditional air travel might involve transfers and departure times that make exclusive festivals difficult to attend – potentially taking days out of your calendar either side of your trip – we can cut downtime to a minimum. This lets you take as little time out of your busy schedule as possible while still experiencing everything that culinary travel has to offer, underlining why so many opt for the convenience and flexibility of private air charter.”

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