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For fans of elite sport, the Masters – golf’s first major tournament of the year – needs no introduction. Golf excursions to this legendary event are a common occurrence, ferrying thousands to and from one of the most exclusive golf tournaments around. For some, though, heading to elite tournaments such as the Masters isn’t simply a case of showing up and witnessing the action – they need something more.

If you count yourself among those who take fully fledged golf vacations rather than simply attending an event, then you might find it difficult to achieve the requisite level of luxury and fully elevate your experience. That’s where we come in. This article will guide you through the process of elevating your appearance at this year’s Masters tournament, blending luxury travel with elite experiences to create an Augusta itinerary that you’ll never forget.

Attending the Tournament

First held at the Augusta National Golf Club in 1934, where it remains today, the Masters has drawn in millions of spectators from around the world since its inception. This rich history also manifests itself in a number of traditions exclusive to the event. With its legendary yellow jackets, invitational nature and all-round air of luxury and prestige, there’s little wonder why so many seeking golf luxury choose to attend the Masters.

Executive travel to elite tournaments such as the Masters is a broad church, attracting a wide array of attendees. Naturally, aficionados and die-hard fans of the sport are frequently found on golf trips, but Augusta travel plans are also often made by those seeking corporate hospitality and using luxury events such as the Masters as a part of their business strategy.

Along with businesses rewarding staff or courting clients, elite golf charter travel is also used by a group for whom the nature of the event itself is more important than the sport involved – those who want to attend elite tournaments purely because they’re globally renowned events. If you don’t fall into any of the above categories, don’t worry – this list of potential Masters attendees isn’t exhaustive! Luxury travel providers like Skyllence deal with all sorts of clients, from golf-mad families to complete amateurs, so there’s no need to feel out of place.

Getting There

Whatever your reason for attending the Masters, one thing’s clear: you’ll need to actually get there. If we’re in the process of taking your golf trip to the next level, there’s really only one method of travel worthy of consideration: private jet charter. This luxury travel solution is becoming increasingly attractive for clients as costs plummet and levels of luxury and service soar.

Taking your experience at the Masters golf tournament up a notch via private aircraft charter doesn’t just entail untold luxury, though – there are plenty more reasons that make it a logical choice. Take convenience, for example – wouldn’t it be great if you could arrive right before the action, cutting out that awkward few days of purgatory before the event actually gets underway? When you control the itinerary, as you do in the world of private aviation, it’s as simple as informing your charter broker.

Flexibility is another area where the benefits of private jet services really shine through. If you’re unsure of exactly how many of you and your golf-obsessed friends will actually be able to make it and they’re not likely to be able to confirm until the last minute, you’re out of luck when flying commercial. Exclusive trips with a private charter service like Skyllence, though, can easily accommodate an elastic passenger manifest, and with a short exchange of emails all worries are assuaged.

Perhaps the final and most unique aspect of travelling via private air charter is its tailor-made nature. When you fly with a good air charter broker on a private aircraft, you’re in control – not literally, of course, they have pilots for that! No requirement that you have is too awkward or small, from the in-flight meal to the on-board entertainment, meaning you get to experience air travel exactly as it should be. What could be more luxurious than having exactly what you want?

Elevating Your Experience

Now that your travel plans are locked in, there’s just the small matter of what you’ll actually do at the Masters to make it extra special – beyond watching the action, of course! Naturally, for an elite experience you’ll want to plump for the elite ticketing options, with VIP hospitality packages available directly from the tournament’s website.

There are also VIP experiences available from third party providers, offering tickets to the action alongside shuttle services, complementary massages, and even cigars and cocktails! Beyond this, securing exclusive experiences – such as player meet-and-greets or behind the scenes access – will require some outside-the-box thinking and a determined attitude. If only it was as easy as organising a private charter flight, which can be locked in with a few short emails!

Elite Excursions

Taking a full week to run its course, the Masters tournament entails a lot of golf. For those looking to take a day or two away from the action, there are nearby retreats that can offer an ideal respite, or can even bookend your visit to Augusta to round off an incredible stay.

Savannah, Georgia

The oldest city in Georgia, Savannah is the perfect locale to take in some historic charm. This city of pristine parks and unique architecture is ideal for strolling around and relaxing in coffee shops and restaurants, while also satisfying the curiosity of history buffs through its many museums and rich civil war heritage.

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia’s capital and largest city, Atlanta takes the quaint charm of Savannah and turns it on its head, instead offering a fully modern city replete with all the amenities one might expect. Serious luxury is available here, with the city’s recent acquisition of a host of Michelin stars evidencing its growing culinary chops.

Charleston, South Carolina

For an excursion slightly further afield, the historic coastal city of Charleston (founded as Charles Town in honour of King Charles II) is an ideal choice. This intriguing destination has a chequered past, having been central in the American slave trade and featuring throughout the annals of legendary pirates such as Blackbeard. A visit here is not for the faint of heart, then, but that shouldn’t detract from its role as a place of learning and reconciliation.

Teeing Off

Experiencing the above and getting the ball rolling with an elite aircraft charter provider like Skyllence might seem a daunting affair. This is a common misconception, as the reality is it’s as simple as making contact and letting them take the reins. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to coordinate the jet rental process with your travel plans, locking in a level of luxury that those outside the world of aircraft charter can only dream of. Think of them like your caddy – they’ll do the legwork, leaving you free to take the shots, smile for the cameras and pick up the trophy at the end!

If leaving industry-leading experts in charge of your travel plans sounds like a safe bet, you’re not alone. Skyllence have catered to a diverse range of clients in recent years, all with unique needs and requirements that really test private aviation’s claims of flexibility. That they’ve had so many repeat bookings from satisfied passengers stands testament to their ability to meet these demands, as Skyllence CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite, observes.

“Elite experiences like the Masters often attract clients with very specific requirements from their private jet brokers. Whether large groups that need complete flexibility, VIPs with particular needs, or any client who’s looking for something slightly different, we’re confident in our ability to cope with whatever’s thrown at us. Fulfilling requirements like these keeps our job interesting, keeps our service evolving, and keeps our clients coming back – a win-win all round!”

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