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The prestige of the Monaco Grand Prix is legendary, with private jets flooding into the French riviera every year for the ultimate F1 experience. HNWI, corporate group, luxury travel enthusiast or die-hard motorsport fan – whatever brings you to this idyllic alcove, you’ll want the best in luxury travel alongside some truly unique experiences.

This article will serve as a one-stop-shop for all of the above, breaking down the history of the Monaco Grand Prix and how it earnt its prestige before taking a tour of what you can expect to indulge in when attending. Once your plans for the event are set, we’ll take a quick look at how to get there before saying au revoir until the race itself. On your marks, get set, go!

The History

On 14 April 1929, the first grand prix took place around the Monaco circuit – a challenging track that snakes its way around the streets of Monte Carlo on the French Mediterranean coast. Since then, this event has grown from not-so-humble beginnings (the first incarnation of the race was organised under the auspices of Prince Louis II of Monaco) to become the jewel in the crown of elite racing, drawing millions of spectators around both in the flesh and around the world.

The race has seen many changes in the intervening years, but what makes Monaco unique and cements its place at the heart of elite motorsport is the fact that the circuit remains as it was all those years ago. With thrilling twists and turns through the tiny streets of this seaside escape, the Monaco Grand Prix is arguably the sport’s most exciting – and dangerous – event. Pair that fact with the lavish opulence that the town offers year-round and you’ve got the perfect spectacle, but what else is there on offer for the deep-pocketed motorsports enthusiast during the grand prix?

Elite Experiences

Stay in Luxury

Monaco travel invariably involves complete luxury, and nowhere is that more evident than when it comes to choosing your lodgings. Five-stars are the bare minimum here – for the dedicated fan seeking a luxury motorsports experience, look beyond the facilities and into what experiences are on offer.

A room with a view over the track could be one idea, or a hotel located right next to the epicentre of the action. When you stay in Monaco, you’re blessed with a huge range of options that can cater to any requirement you may have, all of which offer small extras to enhance the experience. All that remains is picking one that best fits your preference.

Enjoy A Unique Experience

The options available to anyone attending the Monaco Grand Prix are almost endless, and aren’t necessarily confined to the action itself. Making the most of the race is simple enough: consider a balcony view in a luxury spot, for example, to ensure that you never miss a beat, or perhaps opt for VIP ticketing for better access to the event.

Beyond the motorsport experience, though, there are a whole host of other things to see and do. A post-race yacht party, for example, might take the edge off if your favourite driver didn’t fare too well, and there’s always the promise of gastronomic luxury available in a town with no less than 12 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Eat Incredible Food

If it’s hospitality experiences that you’re looking for, then this event has you covered – and not just at the top end. The litany of elite catering options available in Monte Carlo make it the perfect place to entertain larger groups, with hospitality solutions capable of enhancing the race experience whatever the nature of your party.

This makes the Monaco Grand Prix the perfect event for a lavish corporate get-together, family holiday, or birthday celebration, but the experience can be enhanced even further by getting involved in the race directly. Some VIP packages offer exclusive pit access or even driver and team meet-and-greets, allowing you to truly feel like you’re in the midst of the chaos of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Drink It All In

The atmosphere that descends on Monaco during the grand prix is almost impossible to describe, so forgive the inaccuracies of this attempt. A unique blend of luxury, fashion, racing heritage, and outright hedonism are on offer here, where any taste can be catered for and elite excitement awaits around every corner. To get a feel for what makes the Monaco Grand Prix so special, the truth is you don’t have to actually do anything – simply being there is enough to emphasise why this really is the pinnacle of the elite event calendar.

Getting There

By now you’ve probably determined that nothing will get in your way: you’re making it to the Monaco Grand Prix. Options for luxury travel can be limited, especially when they’ve got the prestige of the event itself to match. Not to worry, though, you’ve still got a range of choices.


Luxury overland options are somewhat less numerous than the alternatives, but getting to Monaco in style can still be achieved. Trains run into the town daily from Marseille, and while first-class tickets can’t hope to match the luxury of even the most rudimentary private jet charter experience, if you’re determined to keep your feet on the ground then this is your best bet.


The town of Monte Carlo is a harbour, first and foremost, meaning that rocking up on the shore is a very real possibility. In fact, ultra-luxury yachts might be the method of arrival chosen by the stratospherically affluent due to their size and convenience. For the rest of us looking for elite luxury without the hassle of overland travel, one logical choice remains.


The luxury and convenience of air charter services can hardly be overstated, and when it comes to an event as logistically difficult to pull off as the Monaco Grand Prix they really come to the fore. Arriving via private jet rental is not just about the luxury of the in-cabin experience – although there’s no doubt that that’s certainly part of the appeal! Alongside in-air indulgence, there are a whole range of practical reasons as to why private aviation is your best bet for Monaco Grand Prix travel.

First, there’s convenience: with air charter jet services, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to control. You set the itinerary and make all the calls, but leave the awkward task of having to actually implement these plans to those who do it for a living. Making the most of the highly trained logistics departments of elite private jet service providers like Skyllence is a sure-fire way to make certain that you rock up to the Grand Prix exactly when you want to.

Speaking of getting exactly what you want, the second aspect of private jet charter takes this aspect to the extreme: personalisation. When you make use of air charter services for Monaco Grand Prix travel, the custom experiences aren’t confined to the area in and around the race. Instead, they begin before you’ve even left the tarmac, and can include whatever requirements you can think of for your aircraft rental experience.

One area in which there’s no choice on offer is reliability: every Skyllence air charter jet flight is dependable in the extreme. The tangible benefits of this are obvious, but perhaps less often spoken about is the sheer peace of mind that’s bestowed on anyone who organises these kinds of private jet services. When you book with Skyllence, all anxieties around arrival and departure evaporate at once, and all you’re left with is the same feeling of anticipation as you get in the moments before the race itself.

The Chequered Flag

Abreast of the history, arrival plans locked in and private aircraft charter services arranged – congratulations, you’re now in pole position for a Monaco Grand Prix experience like no other. If you’ve gone one step further and elevated your private jet travel plans by booking with Skyllence, then you’ll also now be experiencing the unique peace of mind that only their ultra-reliable solutions can offer – a fact of which Skyllence CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite is extremely proud:

“The dependability of the private jet flights that we offer is at the cornerstone of what attracts clients to working with us. When we say we’re going to do something, we do it immediately, and we expect the same of any providers that might be involved in service provision further down the chain. It’s this approach that offers certainty to clients and sees us encounter so many return bookings, but don’t worry – we always keep room in reserve for new clients who want to see what we’ve got to offer!”

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