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International poker tournaments draw in thousands of private jet travellers to exotic locations around the world each year. From players to event organisers, spectators, and those in the gambling trade, the reasons for following professional poker are varied. What unites everyone attending these events is a passion for the high-roller lifestyle, so what could be higher than the in-air luxury provided by private charter?

This article will offer a flyby guide through the world of high-stakes poker, shedding light on the tours and destinations that see the biggest pots and most dramatic twists and turns. Whether a neophyte or an old hand, having the calendar of poker championships laid out before you will help you pinpoint exactly where you want to make your mark.

Once you’ve made your choice and decided to hold ’em, all that remains is the task of getting there. There are any number of options, but for a truly high-roller entrance there’s one clear winner: private jet charter with an elite provider like Skyllence. They’ll lock in luxury while at the same time handling the hassle of logistics, leaving you plenty of time to brush up on your technique ahead of the main event. With travel taken care of, where exactly are we going?

EPT – The European Poker Tour

Keeping things within the continent, the European Poker Tour is a great way to dip your feet into the world of high-stakes poker without having to travel too far. The EPT is held in a number of locations around Europe throughout the year, offering a diverse range of events and locales – from big-money contests with household names in attendance, to local events where an up-and-comer can really hone their craft.

The EPT also offers a perfect way for would-be event organisers to see what it takes to make your way into the big time. If you dream of one day hosting the world’s largest tournaments, you have to start somewhere. Seeing some of the smaller gambling events on the EPT is a great way to get a feel for the kinds of poker marketing, sponsorships and analytics that are so important on the big stage.


The EPT events schedule takes in some of the most luxury locations in Europe in the coming year, offering attendees the chance to visit some incredible places alongside the on-table action. Paris (February 14–25), Monte-Carlo (April 24–May 4), Barcelona (August 26–September 8), Cyprus (October 9–20) and Prague (December 4–15) are earmarked for events in 2024, but keep a lookout as the calendar can be flexible!

WSOP – The World Series of Poker

If you want to hit the big time, there’s no better place than the spiritual home of all things gambling: Las Vegas. Little surprise that poker’s most prestigious (and potentially profitable) tournaments are held in sin city, but there’s more to this tour than bountiful prize pools. The prestige of winning at the WSOP makes it the place where the most cutting-edge strategies and approaches can be found. If you’re looking to get ahead, taking notes here and deploying the lessons you’ve learnt can reap some serious rewards at tournaments held elsewhere.

For those with aspirations of hosting events that might one day grow to this size, Las Vegas and the WSOP can be a sobering reminder that the poker business isn’t a simple card game – this is an industry all of its own. The aspiration of one day hosting a poker series to rival the WSOP might seem like a pipe dream when faced down by the glittering lights of the Las Vegas strip, but where better to cut your chops?


The WSOP hosts a range of events throughout the year, as its 2023/24 schedule makes clear. Winners of these prestigious tournaments can look forward to a gold bracelet, as well as the lion’s share of the ample prize pools that characterise WSOP games. The 2024 calendar culminates in the Main Event, which will be held at the Horseshoe Las Vegas on May 28–July 17. With last year’s winner taking home a record $12,000,000, this is the jewel in the crown of the poker year and a date not to be missed.

WPT – The World Poker Tour

As the name suggests, the WPT is unique in that it’s truly global in scale. Boasting a litany of poker tournaments held all around the world, the WPT rewards adaptability and innovation from players. A hand might play one way in Las Vegas, but how will it stack up in Germany? Will players in Australia be more likely to call your bluff than those in Canada? Find out on the WPT and reap the rewards of having a flexible approach.

For organisers, the idea of mass appeal via a global audience is an attractive proposition. It goes without saying that branding and sponsorship opportunities expand on the WPT commensurate with its global reach, but there’s also localised penetration on offer. If you’re really looking to drill down into a single market, the opportunity to target it directly through a WPT event is one not to be missed.


The 2024 WPT events schedule criss-crosses the world from Korea to Italy, with an event itinerary as varied as it is extensive. Picking an event from this list can be a difficult proposition, as the exotic locales where these tournaments are held will appeal to any traveller. One thing’s for sure: you’ll be racking up the airmiles if you follow the WPT, so why not do so in style with Skyllence?

APPT – The Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT)

Typically held in the latter part of the year, APPT events offer access to a unique region that’s only just beginning to dip its toe into the world of global poker. For players, this means you’re in at ground zero, seeing glimpses of up-and-coming strategies and the breakout stars of tomorrow while they’re still learning their trade.

Corporate opportunities abound in this region whatever the market, but the burgeoning nature of the poker scene here only adds to the sense that something big is growing. Can you afford to miss out on being part of the next big thing in Asia? If not, getting involved in the APPT is a great way to get a head start in one of the world’s most exciting regions.


Details on the APPT’s events can be scarce and hard to come by, with little confirmed as yet for 2024. Given that last year saw events in Manila and Cambodia, it’s a safe bet that the AAPT might return to those locales, and keeping track of their website is the best way to be sure. Not to worry, though – there are plenty of other poker events in the region to keep players entertained in the meantime!

When the Chips Are Down

Whichever poker tour you plan to be a part of, whichever tournament you choose to attend, and whether you’re a spectator, player, or would-be organiser, one thing’s clear: you need certainty. Your travel plans have to be as rock-solid as a royal flush, otherwise you risk missing out and being forced to fold.

When dependability is the order of the day, elite travel providers like Skyllence are there to help. They stake their reputation on the guarantees that come with their flights, ensuring that you arrive precisely when you need to.

While they’re gifted in the logistics department, private charter travel providers would be nothing without their additional reputation for luxury, and Skyllence are no different. If you want a truly high-roller experience that doesn’t stop when you step away from the able, there’s only really one choice for your travel plans: air charter services through a world-renowned charter broker.

Flying like this has tangible benefits, too: players are kept stress-free, tilting the odds in their favour come gameday; spectators have their experience enhanced by the little touches that make private jet services so special; and those looking to host poker events elevate their game with the prestige of an aircraft charter. Little wonder so many elite events from the world of poker and beyond involve Skyllence charters, as their CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite notes:

“The world of high-stakes poker events is just one of any number of areas that make use of our private jet solutions. Clients often assume that the requirements of their field are completely unique. While that’s true in some cases, there are key crossovers that we offer to any client irrespective of what kind of event they’re attending. Luxury, convenience, flexibility and reliability all come as standard with any Skyllence charter, whatever the reason for your trip.”

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