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Anyone who’s experienced alpine skiing knows that these mountain resorts are the epitome of luxury travel. Stunning vistas, exquisite comfort and unparalleled service all come as standard in luxury ski chalets – something that they have in common with private jet charter. This overlap between the two makes them perfect bedfellows, and there’s no better way to head to the ski resorts that litter the Swiss Alps than via private jet flights.

That being said, there’s still one small matter to resolve before you contact Skyllence and organise private jet travel: where exactly are we headed? This short article will break down luxury skiing in this part of the world, guiding you through the three main areas when it comes to ultra-luxury ski resorts and providing some helpful advice for when you get there. With that in hand, you’ll be equipped to get in touch with your air charter broker and commence your alpine adventure. See you on the slopes!

The South-Western Option: Portes du Soleil

Meaning “the doors of the sun”, Portes du Soleil is one of the world’s most famous ski retreat destinations. The first lift was installed here in 1934, and since then it’s captivated visitors from around the world with its crystalline slopes and breath-taking scenery. If you’re struggling to picture how beautiful Portes du Soleil really is, consider that it’s perched between Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva. That it straddles these two jewels in Europe’s crown should tell you all you need to know.

Portes du Soleil not only sits between geographical features; it also dips a toe into two of Europe’s best ski countries: France and Switzerland. French alps skiing is known the world over for its beauty and the quality of its slopes, while for Switzerland the emphasis is on truly incredible luxury ski packages. Whatever the focus of your visit, then, you’re sure to be enthralled by what you find in Portes du Soleil.

In terms of the specifics of where you might stay, there are certainly options. The area itself – ranging over roughly 1,000 square km – encompasses 12 resorts (helpfully collected on the area’s website), leaving you plenty of choice when planning your snow holidays. Once you’ve browsed at your leisure and chosen where you’d like to be based, contact Skyllence and organise travel into Geneva – the closest airport to Portes du Soleil.

The South-Eastern Option: St. Moritz

The mountain town of St. Moritz has played host to James Bond filming locations, seen business tycoons take up residence over the decades, and even claims to be the birthplace of winter sports. If you’re a keen skier looking to visit the cultural home of your favourite activity, look no further than this stunning alpine retreat.

Nestled in the south-eastern corner of Switzerland, St. Moritz is ideally situated for skiers to catch some serious altitude. The highest summit in the eastern alps – Piz Bernina – is just a few kilometres away from the town, and its residual slopes are home to thousands every year. Don’t worry too much about crowds, though: with four large ski areas to choose from and five smaller sections, the Upper Engadine area to which St. Moritz-based skiers flock is sure to have room for everyone!

It’s not all skiing in St. Moritz, though – this is where winter sports began, after all. The world’s oldest and only remaining natural bob run is nearby, having carried adventurers down the mountains since 1904. There’s also sailing on lake St. Moritz, altitude training for runners, hikers, and cyclists in the summer months, an ice-hockey arena and even a snow polo facility. This all combines to mean one thing: it really is impossible to run out of things to do in St. Moritz!

For luxury charter jet passengers, the pragmatics of arriving might seem complicated. There are Zurich and Milano Litane airports nearby, both of which will require transfers, or the smaller Samedan airport within the valley. For luxury jet travellers and private charter fliers, however, there’s also Engadin Airport (also known as “airport St. Moritz”), which can accommodate VIP arrivals without the need for a lengthy commute.

The South-Central Option: Grindelwald

The centrally located Grindelwald is an iconic location of Swiss culture and history, and also an incredible ski destination to boot. The town itself sits at the foot of a glacier and between jaw-dropping mountainous peaks, meaning you’re never more than a stray glance away from feeling like an intrepid mountaineer. It seems redundant to emphasise stunning scenery in a country like Switzerland, but even amongst all that competition Grindelwald stands out as exceptionally beautiful, making it the perfect base for a ski adventure.

In terms of the slopes themselves, if you’re staying in Grindelwald you’ll mainly be heading to the Jungfrau ski region – an area encompassing three unique resorts: Grindelwald-Wengen, Grindelwald-First and Mürren-Schilthorn. Each of these areas has its own unique slopes and challenges, with some catering to beginners or children and others presenting serious difficulty. Whatever your level, Grindelwald is sure to cater to your needs and then provide the perfect setting for an evening après-ski, making it ideal for mixed-age or ability groups travelling via group air charter.

The nearest airports for those making use of the convenience, comfort and luxury of private jets are Berne and Zurich, with the latter being favoured despite the slightly longer transfer time due to its increased size and greater range of facilities. For a complete breakdown of arrival options before you get the private jet booking process underway, contact Skyllence and let them help you decide.

Tips and Tricks

The three areas highlighted in this article are just a taste of what skiing in this incredible country has to offer, and the resorts chosen serve as examples for you to dig into before deciding exactly where you’ll head. Before you leave, though, there are a few key tips to consider that will make your trip that little more fulfilling.


Some people make the mistake of thinking that a skiing holiday is 100% skiing. What will you do in the evenings? What if you fancy a day-off? It’s important to take all your cold-weather gear, certainly, but that’s obvious. The beautiful restaurants that emerge in high-end ski resorts to cater to VIP clients are better experienced when dressed to impress, so don’t forget to pack your best eveningwear in addition to adventure clothing.


You’ve already nailed one of the pitfalls of luxury holidaying by reading this article, but it’s worth stressing again: there can be no true luxury holiday if you arrive on an economy-class flight. A skiing trip is an experience replete with luxury, personalized service and incredible comfort that serve as the perfect crystal-clear canvas onto which adrenaline-fuelled activities throw a splash of colour. Why ruin the picture before it begins by muddying it with commercial travel?

Food and Drink

Don’t forget that you’re surrounded by luxury, but at the same time don’t forget that you’ll be taking part in some seriously strenuous physical activity. At the risk of sounding like the mother with the half-time oranges, stay hydrated! Over-consumption can ruin holidays (speaking from personal experience), so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what you eat and drink – if only so that you remain able to keep eating and drinking more of the incredible cuisine that this region has to offer.

In the Clouds

With a vague notion of where you might base your Swiss alpine skiing experience now (hopefully) beginning to form – and a few handy tips lining your back pocket – you’re as good as there. All you need to do now is coalesce those ambiguities into a concrete plan by contacting a private jet service provider capable of doing so: Skyllence. They’ll take your outline of a trip and guide you through the process of fleshing it out, helping you to settle on a definite destination, departure time and date.

That leaves you free to get on with packing for your trip, and perhaps taking a refresher course or two so that you’re in the best condition possible when you come to hit the slopes – you don’t want to waste a few days getting back up to speed, after all! When the departure date rolls around, you’ll find that Skyllence have been busy carefully crafting every aspect of your private charter jet flight, providing a unique experience befitting the luxury that awaits you on arrival.

“We always try to exceed the expectations of every traveller – whatever their level of luxury” notes Skyllence CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite. “That’s not to say we’re all red-carpet and no pragmatics. After all, many of our clients choose to fly with us for basic logistical reasons: reliability, convenience, and even cost if there are large groups involved. The fact that you can control every aspect of your flight with us always appeals, and we’re delighted to be able to deliver for every passenger we assist.”

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