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There are few spectacles as exciting in sport as the ATP World Tour Finals. Along with the four tennis majors – the US Open, the Australian Open, Wimbledon and Roland Garros – this event brings together the sport’s top competitors, all vying for the chance to call themselves the best of the best. Along with bragging rights, there’s also a serious prize pool on offer, with 2022 winner Novak Djokovic taking home a record $4.7 million.

If you’re thinking of attending this world-renowned show of sporting excellence and want to make sure that you’re in your seat come the first serve, there’s one simple solution: private air charter with Skyllence. The comfort, reliability and flexibility of their private travel experience is unparalleled, taking the stress out of heading to world-class events such as these by shouldering the logistic burden. Not only that, they also guarantee complete luxury, ensuring that you get the most out of a truly unique experience.

With luxury travel in the bag, let’s take a deeper dive into what makes the ATP Tour Finals special, and what promises to make 2023 an unforgettable event.

The Fans

The 2023 ATP Tour Finals are set to take place on 12–19 November and will once again be hosted in beautiful Turin, Italy. This makes it the perfect tennis event to attend for spectators: high-octane sporting action by day, stunning baroque buildings housing some of Europe’s best restaurants by night.

When it comes to getting there, Turin-Caselle Airport, situated just 16 km north of the city, is the ideal arrival destination for your private jet charter. Contacting Skyllence and having them arrange travel will remove the hassle from organising your trip, leaving you free to check out hotels and plan your days. Fitting in activities around the matches shouldn’t be too difficult, as there’s plenty to see and do in Turin. You’re mainly there for the tennis, though, so what awaits you at the event itself?

The Event

First held in 1970, the ATP Tour Finals represent the culmination of the tennis calendar. At this event, the sport’s 8 highest-ranked male singles athletes compete alongside top 8 from the men’s doubles world, with the women’s athletes making up the WTA Tour Finals. The ranking is determined based on points accrued throughout the season – win a smaller tournament for fewer ranking points, win a major for a major boost.

Once the dust has settled, there’s usually a clear top 8, except for in cases where a player wins a major earlier in the year and then falls off. If a player wins the Australian Open in January, for example, and is then injured for the rest of the year, they might slide down the rankings. If they’re fit for the ATP Tour Finals, though, they’ll take up the 8th qualification spot by virtue of their success in a major.

Why is all this relevant to the would-be spectator? Put simply, when you watch the ATP Tour Finals, it’s a dead-cert that you’re going to see the very best tennis players in the world. With a lot of tennis still to be played before the event itself gets underway, there are still some questions as to who might compete. The household names will all be there, but might some last-minute success see fresh faces sneak through?

The Players


Speaking of fresh faces, it’s easy to forget that Carlos Alcaraz – winner of two majors and the sport’s youngest ever world number one – has never appeared at the ATP Finals before. Side-lined by injury last year and fresh off the back of his Wimbledon success, it’s a safe bet that Alcaraz will be in the running for this year’s crown. Equally certain is that tickets to witness the enthralling young Spaniard in action will be at a premium, so if you’ve not booked already it might be time to start thinking of securing your attendance before contacting Skyllence to arrange transport.


What is there to say about Novak Djokovic that hasn’t been said already? The older he gets, the more people write off his chances at major events; the more people write off his chances, the more he wins. This year was no exception, with the 36-year-old Serb taking the Australian, French, and US Open titles, and only an inspired Alcaraz performance depriving him of a calendar slam in a 5-set thriller at the All-England Club.

Surely the favourite (if, perhaps, not the crowd favourite) heading into the tournament, Djokovic is the player that people love to hate. He’s also a win away from claiming the title of most ATP Tour wins of all time, an accolade he currently shares with recently-retired Roger Federer. If he were to overtake the Swiss in another record that would surely begin to close the book on the greatest of all time debate, but it’s unlikely that Alcaraz and co. will let him off that easily.


Recent victory over Carlos Alcaraz in the semi-final of the US Open saw Medvedev gain a huge bundle of ranking points and catapult himself into guaranteed qualification for the ATP Tour finals. The third player to do so along with the two discussed above, Medvedev’s unique baseline-hugging style is an intriguing watch. Despite lacking the athleticism of Djokovic and the shot-making fireworks of Alcaraz, he’s still a formidable opponent for any player, and might make a good bet for a dark-horse outsider in this year’s event.

The Best of the Rest

With the breaking up of the big three, it was thought that tennis would become more open and competitive, with players from outside the pinnacle of the rankings picking up the odd major here and there. That didn’t prove to be the case this season, and the distribution of ranking points bears that out starkly: Alcaraz and Djokovic both sit above 8,000, with Medvedev around the 6,000 mark at present. Below the top three, Jannik Sinner is in fourth place with just over 4,000 points – surely his first APT Finals qualification will follow?

Beyond that, positions 5–12 are separated by just over 1,000 points, meaning one strong showing in a higher-ranked tournament could make the difference for any of these players, and there are some big names in the list who could miss out. Tsitsipas, Rublev, Rune, Zverev, and Ruud all find themselves in the mix, but there are only 8 spots and – along with Sinner and the three who have already qualified – we’re now at 9 names. Someone won’t make it, then, but who will seize the moment and make a last-minute dash into the qualification spots?

Double the Fun?

No less competitive and enthralling, albeit receiving a lot less coverage, the doubles event at the ATP Tour Finals operates in parallel with the men’s singles, drawing together the 8 best doubles teams from throughout the season. While it might be a little less headline-grabbing, the ATP Tour Doubles Finals are a great way of soaking up the atmosphere that surrounds a major tennis tournament.

If you’re in the area to see Djokovic or Alcaraz but happen to have some free time, why not take in a match or two? You might just be surprised at how interesting tennis is when completely different shot selection and strategies are on show. You might even see a British and American winning an event together, with Joe Salisbury and Rajeev Ram looking to retain their crown.

Game, Set, and Match?

With all of the above, it’s clear why so many look forward to the ATP Tour Finals each year, and why so many attend via private jet charter when the event comes around. Bringing together the best of the best always creates drama, heartache and sporting excellence in equal measure, and if you want to be certain that you’re there to see it there’s really only one option: Skyllence.

Their logistics team will set about crafting a personalised itinerary that guarantees you make it on time, and you can even shave off precious hours around your arrival if you need to cut down on wasted moments. Fly commercial and a two-hour flight means six hours out of your day. Charter a luxury jet with Skyllence and time, like everything else on board, is up to you.

Skyllence CEO, Vilma Vaitiekunaite, is all too aware of the need to offer a completely personalised service for every client. “When we help provide VIP travel solutions for passengers, no two flights are the same. Some emphasise speed, others want luxury, while at times it’s the in-flight experience that’s important. Being able to deploy our resources in the manner most appropriate to each client is what makes us unique – along with our dedication to our customers and the quality of our service, of course!”

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