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The rise of private air travel

Private air travel has become far more accessible to individuals, groups, and businesses in recent times. The industry is experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand as the pandemic has converted travelers to private flying, which is now more affordable than ever.

Last year, private aircraft use soared to its highest level on record. Aviation data research firm Wingx recorded 3.3 million business jet take-offs in 2021, the most for a single year and 7% more than the previous high in 2019. However, with supply and demand for private jet and air charter services increasing, challenges with airport scheduling are becoming increasingly common and problematic for private travelers with little to no experience.

Airports traditionally will prioritize planned, commercial flights ahead of private scheduling, due to financial relationships that see huge revenue streams coming in from airlines and tour operators on an annual basis. This is one of the main considerations for using a Charter Broker when organizing private air travel for yourself, a group, or a business. Having the right connections will enable them to give end-clients what they need, without them having to be involved with the complex details of planning, safety, and timings.

An introduction to Charter Brokers

You can of course go direct to private jet operators to book aircraft and plan flights, but because they will only own a set number of aircraft, it’s likely they will attempt to shoehorn your requirements into the aircraft they have on offer, or available, on the dates you have specified.

A Charter Broker on the other hand, works with multiple operators to offer a much larger range of aircraft types, styles, and specifications to fit client requirements more precisely.  An experienced Charter Broker will also be well connected to the wider aerospace network around the world, with strong contacts at airports, ground control services, and entertainment partners — ensuring safety is paramount alongside a fantastic flight experience.

Think of a Charter Broker as a personal agent when it comes to air travel. If you were to book an aircraft through an operator, then you’re fairly bound to that aircraft. For example, if mechanical problems were to ground an aircraft the week ahead of a flight, you’d be able to get your money back, but there might be slim to no alternatives in terms of flight provision via the same operator. A Charter Broker on the other hand, will have a list of contacts to turn to and be able to reorganize the flight through a different aircraft provider, offering flexibility, adaptability, and no nasty surprises for the end-user.

Being able to qualify a client’s needs with timely communication throughout the entire process is key to a successful client-broker partnership. The current market is extremely challenging, as finding aircraft that can meet a client’s needs under short lead-time constraints can be extremely competitive with demand at its peak.

Behind the scenes

There are many different parties involved when organizing a quality flight. Along with providing a strong list of suitable aircraft options, brokers need to be conscious, organized, and on deadline with many administrative elements. Details of the charter contract, route planning, possible connections, fueling, maintenance, and any necessary permits needed for airport operations approval are all within the scope of accountability for a Charter Broker.

At Skyllence, our brokers are passionate about aviation every single day. For us, it’s more than just a job —it’s a way of life. It sounds cheesy, but it’s also true. The structure of our company is also unique in that we have different departments who are responsible for different processes from the very beginning of flight planning. Flying ops, inflight quality assurance, and procurement departments ensure that high standards are maintained across every partnership we execute. Our process is well tested, streamlined, and efficient. We have built a reputation for reliability, ensuring no balls are dropped along the way at any time — the signature to our success and service proposition.

Personal, premium services

Almost all of the Skyllence team started with aircraft operators where they were able to gain vast and valuable experience, seeing how the industry works from the inside-out. Having worked with many different clients all over the world, their information, know-how, and attention to detail is massively beneficial to our current clients.

When it comes to our offering, there are two key areas where Skyllence excel.

  1. Bespoke aircraft services
  • We have an online database of over 1000 aircraft, but a consultation with one of our brokers will allow us to help your source the aircraft that’s perfect for your demands.
  • Relationships with operators within our group allow us to offer customized aircraft both inside and out — allowing for unrivalled tailored aircraft services.
  1. Customer service
  • Our brokers are personable, human, and empathetic.
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, connected, and well respected within the industry.
  • We’re with you every step of the way — we’ll even fly with you if required.
  • Going the extra mile — transfers, in-flight catering, and entertainment are all within the remit of our teams’ abilities to deliver added-value.

The final, key differentiator between Skyllence and other brokers in the industry, is that we are a part of a networked aviation conglomerate — Avia Solutions Group. Leaders in end-to-end capacity solutions for passenger and cargo airlines worldwide, there are several key benefits that allow us to provide a deeper level of service to our clients though group collaborations.

Benefits of networked brokerages

As part of Avia Solutions Group, we work closely with our sister companies to deliver a larger repertoire of services. On the aircraft side for example we can work closely with KlasJet, a VIP luxury private jet operator. Through our network relationship, we naturally have a closer relationship with the team, where we can turn ‘no’s’ and ‘maybes’ into a ‘yes’ for the most intricate of client requests.

Relationships with MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) companies, such as FL Technics, means we can ensure the aircraft we book can be serviced at short notice, whereas the likes of Baltic Ground Services give us the opportunity to provide the highest levels of service when it comes to baggage and special cargo assignments.

Our footprint across 100 offices and production sites around the world, and on 5 continents, allows us to have staff in excess of 7000 employees and their extended contacts at our disposal. Whether we need scheduling and ground services at a variety of airports or need to ensure specific permits are in place — our team have the ways and means to get the job done.

Talk to us

An online database of hundreds of aircraft, contact forms, or even this extensive run-down of our business isn’t any substitute for talking to the Skyllence team.

If you’d like to know more about charter air travel for yourself, a group, or a business, then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team on +44 (0) 204 5257 877.

We’ll see you in the air soon.